Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Did It

I’m going to do it again. And again. And again.

There were many things my daughter and I needed to get and do to prepare for our trip. She’s more traveled than I, so I deferred to her opinion on much. One of those tasks were mom/daughter mani/pedi-cures. I was not quick to jump on this wagon. You see, I’d never indulged. She on the other hand, indulges regularly.

On the appointed day she and I entered an establishment not far from home. We told the intake person what we wanted and were told to ‘go pick colors’. Colors? I haven’t worn colors on my fingers is years. I can’t remember there ever being color on my toes. Colors selected. Slippers given. It was time to release the feet. Dani thought to wear flip-flops, like I said she’s a regular. But, then again, I don’t even own a pair of flip-flops.

The foot spa was fired up and filled with warm sudsy water which was sent swirling. I sat upon a throne fit for a queen, with controls in hand so that I could choose to warm my buns or massage my back or better yet, both.

I was directed to place my feet in the pool of swirling, warm sudsy water and oooohhh, uh, yes, it felt like beyond good. Then the work began. Some picking, scraping, sloughing and brushing. Now, I didn’t know, or I hadn’t realized that I’m a might ticklish on the bottoms of my feet. Well, after the first wave of quite un-queen like squiggles and giggles, I was able to control myself and relax into the sensations being perpetuated on my soles and beyond. When mister man moved up to massage my calves and shins I thought, briefly, of how I could conduct all business right here from this very throne.

The manicure was just so-so and frankly a little annoying.

But, the pedicure was chocolate covered peanuts good, deep tub full of vanilla scented bubbles good, perusing the pulley aisle of the hardware...no, not quite that good, but very very good. Dani says that the salon we visited didn’t *perform* the massage portion as well as some other places she’d been. If what I got, wasn’t as good as some others...oh, best believe, I’m going to be on those like butter on a lobster tail.


  1. You lucky thing I'm so jealous, the closest I get to pampering was when I sat in the massage chair in the cinema complex on Sunday ;-)

    Kisses hunny and Im glad you got some pampering, you deserve it :-)

  2. Oh I love pedicures! The place I go to massages all the way up to the knees... Every now and then I have them paint a little flower on my big toe too. I feel decadent!

    I was laughing about your flip flop comment. The last time I owned a pair of flip flops they were called "thongs". I learned the hard way of the name change once while shopping with my pre-teen when I asked in a rather loud voice if she wanted me to buy her some thongs for summer. I thought she was gonna die of "uncool parent" disease right there at Target. Poor thing...poor me!

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to come over here and peek around a bit. Take care!


  3. All RIGHTY now!

  4. I LOVE my pedicures!! It's one of the rare times I get out of the house by myself and it's sooooo relaxing. I bring a book usually so I can just be on my own in my head.

  5. I've never had such an experience either. My friend Tina and her three daughters do mani/pedicures together all the time. She's asked me to go with her before, but I've always declined. You have me thinking I should give it a go!

    So what color did you choose?


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