Friday, September 10, 2010

Six Hundred and Forty Six

As far as actual posts it is six hundred and forty five, but I have a draft pending, which may in fact, be deleted because I'm having a bit of difficulty framing the thoughts---it's a story, from a photo prompt. I may scrap it because, I'm having difficulty framing the thoughts.

The thoughts that continue to circle my mind are mired in devastation--and various folks reaction to same. And I suppose I can frame my story around the thoughts that are circling my mind, but I don't want to--well, I do, but I don't.

I know, I'm not making any sense. You see, I've been drinking. I haven't had a drink all week, until today and today I've had three. Well, two and two-thirds.

The story could be up-lifting, but I'm not feeling at all up-lifted at the moment. So, best to table the story, for now. But, like I typed previously, I may scrap it altogether.

An old acquaintance, dare I say friend (though, until recently we hadn't spoken or seen one another for many, many years) was curious about my transition from straight to gay--you see, she knew me when . .

I linked to a couple of my previous posts on the topic. Re-reading her email I find I'm intrigued by the wording . . .transition which, if I were more sober I could elaborate. But, I'm not. And so, I can't.

A neighbor is playing a piano concerto (recording) over and over. It was irritating the first 50 times, now I realize it is drowning out the diva dog's snores. And so, play on.


And one last thing: I wish I could say that I'm surprised or amazed at the cruelty of humans. But sadly, I am not. Some folks are cruel, mean, sadistic, s.o.b.s. And to those meanies who are making the lives of my friends miserable, shame on sniveling sacks of snot.

And on that note, I'm going to try to get some sleep.

Peace out.


  1. I think you need another cocktail...

  2. Give it time, the thoughts will come. And here, here,to your sentiments toward the cruel, sadistic, s.o.b.s of the world. To that, I raise my glass!

  3. you write interestingly even when buzzed! :) Though it ended much too soon! :)

  4. I am coming down with a cold and I can tell I'll be getting some daggers tomorrow on the streetcar. Fun times.


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