Monday, September 02, 2013

Let's See, Where Were We?

In the midst of studying, prospecting, marketing, and growing  a ton of other things have happened and / or passed over my field of vision. The picnic actually happened before the new career opportunity and I've planted my behind in the chair to write about it . . . but haven't been able quite articulate my still quite ambivalent feelings.

I will say this: at least one cousin wore a "a family that prays together stays together" tee shirt. It was quite the pleasant surprise to see my Aunt Ann and my cousin Carolyn. And it was quite disappointing that the in memoriam segment didn't occur. And even though I was ambivalent about that as well, I did bring the photo as requested. The photo I brought (and others beyond) were given to younger brother.

The above aside, I'm struck in a variety of ways by a variety of events and thoughts in the past several days since our last gathering. And they are, in no particular order:

A. Daughter, who weeks ago re-connected with her father (he had a stroke several years ago and after bumping around from one family member to another, from one state to another, landed in a rehabilitation / nursing facility in Greenwood, MS) went to visit him (and the arm of his / her family in Mississippi) this weekend past. The visit was good in one regard, not so much in another. Still processing.

B. Pepsi flavored Cheetos are apparently all the rage in Japan.  To which I say, EWWW

C. I'm battling a cold. I no longer feverish, but still not tip-top. A friend is also battling and wrote quite an eloquent post relative to the subject. I don't have her brand of being held in mom's bosom (so to speak) during childhood sickness, ours was quite the different household and dynamics---but there were some instances of receiving mom's full, un-divided attention. The memories of those instances are sweet.

D. Due to being sick, and the busyness of work related activities I'm a bit behind on the news and so only recently caught wind of the MONTANA COURT  ruling. I'm quite incensed over the entire episode and culture.

E. And speaking of being incensed....Syria...really? REALLY??? I get the sense that nations are channeling Tina.  Further, I get a sense of dread. ::sigh::

F. And speaking of dread---really Auntie Flo?? REALLY!!!!!!??? I am fifty fracking three!!!  I know, I know, many have gone well beyond that number. But, "shit, fuck, piss!!" as another friend often retorts ENOUGH already.  

G. I know I'm not one to speak, but I miss bloggers. I miss the community. I miss my friends. Oh sure, some (most, in fact) hang out on FB but it is simply not the same. No promises or declarations but I'm striving to be more active with this platform. I still have those sketches  to finish, I even bought a new sketch book, so as I say, no promises. But, well, yeah. . .

H. My former boss has continued to call and email. I must continue to ignore him. I cannot afford to be pulled back into his sort of . . . miasma.

I. Did you know later this month marks a year since Cinnamon came into our world?   On the flip side, the 6th will mark the first anniversary of my dad's death  and the twelfth, D-dog's passing.  All quite  heavily on my mind, heart.

J. And while there is much, much more that has gone on and IS going on I'll end here, except to add that the other night I had a dream. I'm struck (again) by remembering even the part I remember for, if you recall, I don't usually remember my dreams and if I do, only snippets filter to the surface. This snippet: I was walking down a street, dressed in my professional business black slacks and black jacket. An older man, he reminded me of an actor whose name and pedigree has alluded me, but think: a cross between Burt Young and Richard Farnsworth started following me eventually asking if I had a couple bucks so he could get something to eat. I then, against ALL my city wits and conventional wisdom, stopped to pull my wallet from my bag, opened it with the plan to peel off a couple of buck . . .    The older man took my wallet. I screamed. He turned and half ran, half limped away. I continued to scream but got myself together enough to chase (I mean he WAS half running and MOSTLY limping ) him intending to . . . not quite tackle him, but certainly, get my shit back.  Except, I couldn't catch him. WTF??  It was like some weird super slo-mo, non action . . . something. I was thrashing about in bead, screaming in my head, running the litany of what was in the wallet, the hassle of replacing stuff and the like. I woke with a monstrous headache and a sense of extreme dread . . . crying because it felt so real then I snapped to. . it was just. a. dream. 

And now, having said that, I can't end it there. I am going to end this episode with: WAY TO GO DIANA!!!

She said:
One: We should never give up.
Two: You're never too old to chase your dream
Three: It looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.   (Swimming & life--I'm deciding).

See you in a few.



  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks, and right back atcha.

  2. Wow, lots going on. I share your angst about the news lately. People tell me it's always been like this - different names, different countries, different day - but it still gets to me.

    On a hopeful note - I once thought I would make the Guinness book of records on the length of my period. But it does indeed, eventually END.

    I, too, wish more people were blogging. I do not do Facebook because it seems so terse there. And trivial. And way too open for me. Blogs feel more like sitting around a kitchen table chatting. At least for me.

    Lastly, hugs for all your sad September anniversaries.

    1. Yes, lots (and lots more). Some days, some weeks it is just ...aaaagggggghhhh.

      I. Am. So. Ready.

      My Fbking these days is mostly about business but . . . yeah, lots of trivial to weed through.

      Thanks for the hugs.

  3. Wow - All caught up! Happy and Tired for you and sad in appropriate spots. Empathy all over the map on this one! Keep going!

    1. Putt, putt, putting along. :-)

  4. That's a whole lotta alphabet there, Miss! A lot going on. I hope the good is outweighing the bad right now.

    Hugs for the hard stuff... smiles for the happy and the victories.

    1. The good, if not outweighing is at least even with the bad. And that is doable and something on which to build. Focusing on the good. Thank You.

  5. Hardly a social socialmedialist right now, but wanted you to know that I am reading whenever you post.

    1. Understandable. Thinking of you often.

  6. Truthfully? The best part of that dream is that you had the gumption to even TRY to get Richard Farnsworth. If you were to ask me (and you didn't, but here goes anyway because you KNOW I can't stop myself), I'd tell you that you'd made a misstep somewhere that is out of character for you and that you are trying to fix it now. At least you are trying to fix it. That is the important part....

    1. Maria, your insight is always welcomed and much appreciated. :-)


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