Thursday, July 09, 2009

The End? No, Somewhere in the Middle

You know about the quest. The Shrinking Piggies have come to the end of the term. I've written a brief account of the journey. As noted, this is not the end. Though I didn't achieve the goal within the term, I'm very much encouraged by what I did achieve.

I know that weight loss is inextricably tied to moving my body; walking, riding, dancing, jumping (rope), tennis . . whatever form the movement takes, moving must happen. daily.

I find it fitting that I completed this leg of the journey with 0 loss. I knew going into the weigh-in Monday morning that the 8-mile ride on Sunday would be too little, too late, for the previous six days yielded very little movement, or at least, much less than previous weeks.

The goose egg provides added incentive, and illustrates yet once again, that a body must M O V E it to L O S E it.



  1. DAMN. I just hate how right you are.
    Since I've had this bum hip & haven't been able to exercise, I have gained a ton & I'm not kidding. I'm now up to 182 lbs. shit shit shit.
    Congrats for all you've accomplished.
    Keep up the good work, or believe me it's just too easy to get complacent again.

  2. You are so right! Move it to lose it; this is my biggest problem, I just hate exercise! However, I am looking for new ways to get my body moving. Continue on your journey with the expectation of great results.


  3. ditto... it's hard... but you gotta do it!
    Just remember - you're SO not alone in this battle!

  4. I walk the dog every evening and that does it for me, exercise wise. My sisters are in town for a visit this weekend, though, and they all sat there telling me how they exercise every day, etc.

    It occurs to me that I am a total lazy ass sloth.

  5. Glad you aren't letting one week discourage you! Keep it going!


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