Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flutter Butters

For much of her soccer playing days my daughter served as goalie and as the last line of defense the team’s fortunes often rested in her hands, literally. I felt the flutter butters at the beginning of each game and every time the opposing team mounted an attack.

She stopped more than flubbed because she was a pretty good keeper and she was prepared.

Still, I got the flutter butters.

I felt the same way all day Friday before Michael’s show. I wasn’t surprised by the fluttery buttery feeling, I’ve gotten flutter butters prior to seeing him on stage from the very beginning. It is a 50/50 mix of nervousness and excitement. I want so very badly for him to do well and so excited for him to be where he most wants to be.

The nervousness 50 fades once he’s on stage. The nervousness that I probably shouldn’t be experiencing yet, I am powerless to stop, because I know him. I know his preparation is legendary. His confidence is boundless. His excitement for being on stage drives him to excellence. I know all this and have witnessed it for years, yet . . . nervous flutter butters.

But, like I said, the nervousness side of the flutter butters make way for the excitement side once I see him on stage, for he’s Paul (or Othello or whomever) on stage. On stage he is . . . home.

Friday's performance went well. I have it on some authority, that the opening went well also. Still, as Michael (who won't read the reviews until the end, if ever) says, “it’s the beginning not the end, there are 20 more performances. I, or rather we, have to be on point every time out!”

And though I may be a little bit nervous I can hardly wait for my next trip to the theatre, for I have little doubt that Michael, channeling some of a goal keeper mentality of his own, will give everything he has for the performance.

It is so much fun watching him play!!


  1. OMG, I can't imagine how excruciating it must be, watching your kid perform. I hope that the pride is in equal proportion to the nerves. After it's over, of course.

  2. I feel the same way every time my eldest steps on the mound. It's so exhilirating but also nerve wracking. I wish my youngest would get involved with drama. I really think he would LOVE it. We've tried, but he's resistant to trying new things. Good luck to your son. I know he'll bring the house down with his performance!

  3. Very cool, deborah... i'm sure he was wonderful.


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