Sunday, July 05, 2009

Message to Michael

Not that Michael, but my Michael.

Some have labeled you an enigma. These folks, I trust do not know you well at all. Because, an enigma you are not. You are not a puzzlement, nor contradictory. Your goals, motives and actions are clear, at least to this trained eye.

Well, when put that way, I guess to some you may in fact, be an enigma. I can see how others might be puzzled by what they see when they meet you, what you present when they do get to know you a bit. You are not what most folks deem, typical. So, I suppose to those folks painting you with the enigma tag may seem appropriate.

You are a classic, gentle man. A talented man who found a calling and are pursuing it not only with fervor but also with sense and sensibility. A man who weathered the typical teenage storms as well as some not so typical. Much had been asked of you as the first born elder son and big brother Michael and you have delivered on every score.

Folks are quick to congratulate me, praise me for the man you have become. To my mind, I am not the one to praise, not that I'm discounting my role and my input relative to your carriage, but some credit belongs elsewhere, as you've have marvelous teachers, mentors of other stripes, and influences from a number of avenues. For your willingness and ability to glean the best of what these folks presented, to utilize the tools and resources at your disposal, I submit you deserve some credit as well.

You did the work, the traversing up each rung, I simply held the ladder in place.

How so very lucky I am to have been graced with a boy child possessed with a spirit such as yours; the light in your eyes, bright, your laughter, infectious, and your style, impeccable.

The puzzlement for me is pointed elsewhere. I am puzzled as to why and how mediocre has become the standard. I am puzzled as to why the excellence you seek to achieve is seen as a superlative. I am puzzled as to why this is seen as a-typical for so many. Given that is the case, then I guess yes, you are an enigma for some.

To me you're Michael, All-American Male, as enigmatic as apple pie. That is not to say, however that you're not a super man, for that you truly are.

So Cheers!!


  1. That was beautiful!
    And that picture is fabulous!!
    I know that will mean so much to him.

  2. Just great. For you, for him. and it does take looking ALL around a person to find out where all the input came from, but truly, it's how the individual takes that input and utilizes it, says it all.

  3. (sigh) how beautiful.

  4. That was a wonderful tribute to your son Deborah. I hope all of his dedication and hard work make all his dreams come true.


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