Monday, October 18, 2010

Most Mornings

Most mornings I have myself together enough to walk (or ride the bike) the five or so blocks to the train going in to work.

Most mornings I prefer the walk over the riding as the walk affords the opportunity to gaze at the splendor of the trees.

This time of year most of the trees still have their leaves and most are still green. But there are a few that sport leaves in various stages of greens, yellows, and oranges.

Most mornings (of late) have been sun shiny bright and when that light shines on the multiple colored trees many more hues appear . . . splendiferous!

Most mornings while soaking in the splendor of the trees, many thoughts like a co-worker becoming a friend, a daughter's recovery, a son's excitement over current and future projects, and more cross my mind.

What I try to avoid thinking about is how few of these crisp, bright, splendiferous mornings we have left.

Most mornings I succeed.

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  1. So, most mornings are lovely...



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