Saturday, October 30, 2010

ten thirty twenty-ten

In addition to the written test (twenty questions and fifteen signs) there was the vision screening. I was next to an applicant who had the following exchange with a state clerk facilitating vision screening:
a: G H B . . .
sc: try again, that isn't a G
a: G . .
sc: try again, not a G
a: G
sc: no ma'am, not a G try again
(a's aide, grand-daughter repeats: not a G)
a: G
sc: no ma'am
I don't hear the next exchange as I'm having my own vision screened and focusing on my letters, not a G in the bunch.
a: I SEE A G!
sc: ma'am I'm sorry, that isn't a G
a: Then what IS it?
sc: It is a C ma'am.
a: Well hell, it looks like a G.
She didn't pass her screening but another on the other side of me did with a message from his screener, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, soon!
Anyhoo, aced the signs, flubbed on two questions having to do with teen driving regs and the like. The best part of the morning (well, other than getting the license) was the invigorating walk to and mostly from the facility, about two miles from my where I live.
Near future being relative, the task is done, off the list, good to go for four more years.


  1. I hate getting my license renewed but definitely feel good when it's over with for another four years.

    I've been trying to walk every morning. Now that the weather is getting cooler I hope it's more invigorating as opposed to dripping in sweat fest that has been.

  2. God, I HATE going to the DMV. I think ours are trained to try and piss us off.

  3. Yes, the walking away has to be the best part!

    Did you have to prove that you were born?

  4. @ eb: Cheers to AM walk-fests and invigorating results. :-)

    @syd: I think most are trained that way. But then again, look what they deal with day in, day out.

    @ e: why no, I didn't have to prove I'd been born. Whew, dodged a bullet there. ;-)


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