Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Four Years Ago

Spoons. Four years ago there was a brief mention of disappearing spoons. I am happy to report that the spoons didn't keep disappearing. The household wasn't rendered slowly but surely, totally spoon less.

Now, however the issue is forks. Forks are walking away (not with the spoons, the spoons are staying put) at a slow and steady pace. But oddly enough, not all the forks, only the smaller forks, what I like to call, my favorite forks.

As of today all but one (well, two since I keep a fork at work) has gone away. Though perplexed by these disappearing acts I'm not dwelling on the how or why. My focus is spot-on keeping that final fork by my side.

Or under lock and key.

Or . . . something


  1. Who lives with you? Kids in the house? Or cutlery fancying ghosts?

  2. It is the dish who ran away with the spoon.

    For us it is most always the forks that seem to lessen in number. We could blame the various man-children, but it is possible it is we who have perhaps taken them to work...however...recent office tearing apart didn't reveal any forks...

  3. Ah yes, spoons. They are missing at my house too. And some of my socks. Also pens. My pens disappear daily.

  4. @ e: I think a bit of both. :-)

    @ maxine: I once suspected daughter of taking cutlery with her bagged lunches, but discovered recently she used plastic. Now, the focus is squarely on the man-child.

    @ marie: my pens are even more treasured than my favorite fork. I hide my pens. ;-)


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