Friday, October 08, 2010

PeTe's Photoshoot

This array is for my friend (who is NOT a cat person) who also is of the opinion that Pete is a pretty cat. We were at D and D's are of a similar opinion. The two boys couldn't be more different, though as noted previously, get along famously. Mike (also not a cat person) tends to favor Pete over Buttah because Pete is more of a loner.

Just tonight he said about Pete, "attitude, dripping . . . like vinegar." Pete does have a way of fixing that glare at you especially when he feels the human has said or done something . . . unflattering. Which, I suppose, judging by the frequency of his attitude stares, is often.

My last call before leaving work this evening was from Dani and the last thing she said, "talk to your cat when you get home." I don't know what he'd gotten himself into during the day home with her. He was a bit more skittered and oh so . . . present this evening. Pete the loner, has been following me around and planting himself where ever I sit.

And Buttah (or rather, Garfield so dubbed by Mike) is just being Buttah.

The Boys were in rare form this evening.


  1. I love cats.
    And I miss my doggie.

  2. I would call Pete handsome rather than pretty, and not necessarily for gender reasons. Mostly because of that glare.

  3. Our tabby, Mutzi, who is almost a twin of Pete's, does the stare too. Perhaps it's just what Tabby Cats do?

  4. @ Kmae, I can only imagine. <3

    @ e, yes. handsome will work too. Either, or it's workin' for him. :-)

    @ tiff, perhaps.


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