Sunday, August 12, 2012



1. Thank you dear friend for the bottle. Buttah insisted on being in the shot.   
2. Bike riding happened (beginning Thursday). And it was fun.   
3. My mom had not (until Saturday) ever tasted avocado (or mango). 
4. Avocado = fail. She didn't hate it but didn't like it enough to try to improve the taste (for her palate) with any additions; salt, pepper, tomato. etc.  One and done. 
5. The mango on the other hand was quite successful. 
6. Daughter went to the funeral of a former classmate. He was 31 days older than she. She has made plans for her 27th birthday. He didn't survive to see his 27th birthday.  
7. THAT has weighed heavily on her mind as well as mine. 
8. Back to mom, she continues to take issue with my closely cropped hair. She feels I'm 'dissing' the struggle (from when I was an infant/toddler with eczema) she faced 'saving my hair'.   
9. When I saw her Saturday AM my hair was (in my estimation) too long. By Saturday evening, no longer was it too long, it was just right (in my estimation).  
10. I wanted to put together a cucumber salad for my lunch(es) this week and likely still will but pretty perturbed that I couldn't find Kalamata olives at the store. 
11. Bike riding will happen in the early morning hours (before work) at least three days this week.  
12. Despite the emotions mixed with some procrastination the entire list of weekend (to-dos) gone themselves done. Well, almost. The folder containing the work I was going to do from home somehow got itself forgotten at the office. 

To paraphrase "Feeling Good" it's a new day, a new day, and I'm feeling . . .  



  1. Love your list!
    I hate avocados. Hate. Detest. Yuck. Well, except as plants. As plants they're fun. (And as trees they give excellent shade.)
    Condolences to your daughter. Such a hard thing. (My son is 27 too.)

  2. Yay for bike riding! And, yes, the cool of the morning is best.

    What's all of this avocado hating going on? I love avocados! But, as always, to each their own. Glad the mango was a success.

    It's shocking when one of our kids' friends dies. Truly shocking. One of my daughter's besties from middle school died last year. Hard. Very Hard. Nothing else to say but that...

    ps: love the new background!

  3. morning bike riding always SOUNDS so good. But bed usually sounds better. Good luck to you on getting out there are getting it done.

  4. I could live on avocados, with mango for dessert!

    My sympathies to your daughter. What a horrible thing to have to face at such a young age.

  5. I always bring work home. It sits in my briefcase quietly until I lug it in to work the next day....

    ENJOY your weekends. :)

  6. @ Em: As it happens I just recently discovered I can grow an avocado plant from a seed. I'll have one brewing very soon. :-)

    @ e: I haven't been able to get any consistency with the morning rides, but as the summer fades, I'm shooting to change that. It was hard. Is hard. New background? Hmm let's take a look. Don't remember changing it. LOL

    @ Tiff: Yeah, a good dose of luck is needed. Thanks. :-)

    @ChiTownGirl: Thank you.

    @ Maria: Once again, the weekend is over and I never even looked in my bag (where the folder of work sits.) Yes! Enjoying the weekend(s). Mostly.



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