Thursday, July 10, 2014

So, Yeah.

Lazy list because I should be in bed, but I'm not--but REALLY should be down for the count. 

1. Both Buttah and Cinnamon have been sick. Nothing serious, but damn. Tired. Stressful. 

2. I don't even want to begin to tell you how many conversations (with daughter) began with the status 
   of  poop. 

3.  Commuting is . . . well, I don't have the words at present. And even if I did--bed calls. . 

4. Some purging did happen and will continue, albeit at a turtle's pace. 

5. The summer so far has been, in a word, weird. 

6. My daughter is slated to assist one of her culinary instructors with a catering gig later today. She is so             stoked.

7. I am deep in the throes of a love / have relationship with paper. All paper. 

8. But, then again, back and forth it may be, that relationship with paper is . . .ahhh..

9. Lovely. 

10. That said, paper (as in bound in books) must leave. One box is done another shall be completed by the       end of next weekend.

11. Just in time to drop off (at the high school) for THE FAIR

12. No, I will not be shopping at the fair this year. 

13. That would be silly. 

14. No, really. 

15. Silly.   


  1. We are now dealing with aging cats who have started peeing wherever they like. (I understand the conversational domination) The vet says it is arthritis and they are having trouble squatting to pee. I look at them and see my future : (

    I am trying for a one in, one out rule. If you bring a book in, one has to go out. If you buy a new article of clothing, something has be be donated. Of course, this just keeps the status quo, but I am trying not to be buried alive in my tiny house.

    Have fun at the fair : )

    1. OH NO!! And let us not speak of not being able to squat or climb stairs or . . let us not.

      I could try the one in, one out, but no, what I need is a clearer slate, much more open spaces.

      I will not be attending the fair. I will not. Not. Maybe. ;-)

  2. I admire all of you who are determined to reduce the load of stuff. I don't have the energy, or courage, or the chutzpah to deal with it right now. It might be a retirement project.

    And the pets? Ugh. We have one cat who has a chronic pee-blockage issue. He was peeing wherever he damned well pleased and came 'this close' to seeing the end of his days hurried along. The vet said that he had to be on the prescription 'urinary issues' food. This means, of course, that ALL of the cats have to eat the ridiculously expensive, only available at the vet, food. Sigh.

    Stay strong, woman!

    1. I've been hiding from the dire necessity for a long time now. It is time to come out of hiding. Just time.

      Between Buttah's recent eye infection and his and Cinnamon's even more recent gastric/ digestive issues, thoughts had begun to swirl about how best we could manage care in longer terms. Having gone through Diamond's diabetes and related challenges heightens the sensitivity to anything askew.

      I am woman, hear me roar. :-)

  3. Our dog is nearly 8 years old, so almost my age in dog years. I dread the thought of him being my age since I feel like I'm about 89 right now. And once he loses the power of controlling his bladder.....ugh.....

  4. Wow I am in throes of downsizing as well! It is tough...especially with the books. Also in the realm of dog parent of an elder. She is as stiff as I am. Oh well on to the doggie diapers if necessary. We will make it through.


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