Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Nearly Official

Our Tree on 12/03/17

When I saw my younger brother's image identifying him (or his phone) as the caller I had a twinge; a twinge that he was calling to pass on some news related my older brother. (My younger brother doesn't call to 'shoot the breeze' generally speaking)

It was news, though not what I was thinking. My older brother has been on my mind much especially since Harvey and Irma. Also given that I hadn't spoken with him in months and that the last word I had related to him indicated that he was basically homeless. (Even before the hurricanes) .

The news wasn't that older brother was injured, sick, or worse. No, the news was that he (older brother) was being his usual self. Remember the lawsuit? Well, an interested third party (was finally) able to catch up with the older brother because he hadn't returned his election form. He hadn't returned it, he told the third party, because younger brother and I are heartless and we
only care about the money.
What he didn't think through is that his decision impacts more than me, more than our younger brother. There is a (half) brother and more pointedly, a step-mother (the very interested third party) who are impacted as much, if not more by his sticking his feet in cement and his head in is . . . 

Well, anyway, rumor has it step-mother was able to convince older brother to send in the f-ing form.

Younger brother and I had a bit of a giggle over his assessment of our personalities and his perception of our motivations.

But we were both clearly laughing out of frustration and anger over the entire situation.

On a lighter note, that tree in the pic is now divested of leaves. Winter is coming.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."   -Audre Lorde

Here for More Good Reads! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Write The Story

writing prompt 
Don't tell, but I'm supposed to be penning one thousand words inspired by the photo shown above. Well, supposed is a little to strident. The contribution and participation are fully voluntary. But I promised myself after passing on the previous prompts that I'd jump in on the very next one.

That was before I saw the image. And the stipulations.

This image. . .     and still, I thought I'd give it a go after a first line came to me almost immediately, "Kizzy couldn't get the image out of her head."

And then, nothing.  Ten plus days, deadline two days away and, nothing is brewing, has brewed.

So away goes another prompt.

Maybe next month.  


Monday, November 13, 2017


Pete, keeping warm

We have had some chilly weather. There was even snow one day this week. Not earth-shattering news. It is, after all, November. And this is, after all, the Midwest. It is what happens.

Still, most, seem to be of the opinion that it is too early for such folly.

But, not I. (mostly) 

It is November in the midwest. Chilly and snow, (more often than not) are on tap. 

That said, it would not hurt my feelings one bit if the 50s would return for the next two (or three--okay, that is pushing it) weeks. 

PS: cauliflower masquerading as mashed potatoes, not half bad. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

For Lack of a Better

The net result of having eaten cabbage as an anchor for multiple meals is getting halfway to work on Monday with a searing need to . . . well, let's just say a body had to tighten up for the last 100 steps or so to the office door. And then, cool, calm, and collected (like) make one's way to the lavatory for sweet release and relief.

Hoping (against conventional wisdom, perhaps) that the worst was over, I sat back down at my desk to work. Within an hour, the need to....

Again, release and relief and a quick trip to the convenience store across the street to score some meds to combat this condition

That is how my week (last week) began. It didn't improve much beyond that auspicious beginning.

I fell on Tuesday. Nothing was broken,  but goodness did I feel like a lummox. On the plus, several did offer assistance and asked after my well being.  My emotions recovered fairly quickly but my arms and palms were sore for a few days after.

Wednesday was the best of all. Sitting down to a dinner of left-over cabbage (it had been a few days) and cornbread. I typically use smoked turkey tails to flavor my greens, beans, and such. After a forkful or two into the meal, one of the tail bones decide to try to slide down my throat.

Except, it didn't slide. It lodged.

I shall spare you the bloody and gorier details. Suffice to say I scare the (nearly) literal shit of myself, the dog, and the cat.

Today, a week after the week that was, I am alive and well, and I finally fit into some slacks I bought over two years ago. All in all, not a horrible way to set up the end of October.

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Monday, October 09, 2017


daughter and friend, Pride Parade 

This week, Wednesday, my daughter celebrates another birthday. To know my daughter is to know that she is all about her birthdays. She isn't a party girl in that sense of the word but a sentimental soul who appreciates acknowledgment especially in the form of cards (flowers and other trinkets).

I may have fed into her celebratory style over the years by stretching out the celebration, making cards, offering trinkets. On the event of her 30th, for instance, 30 days of testimonials on this blog.

This year is not a milestone year, but monumental none-the-less, because it just is.

This week, Wednesday is also National Coming Out Day.  Also a very momentous day for my daughter and me. She has stood with and supported me from the very beginning.  And of course, I have stood with her and supported her through her own coming out pronouncement. 

This year is not a milestone year but monumental none-the-less because we need the support of one another  as much, if not more than ever before thanks to the current political climate and rollbacks in protections established by the previous administration

I am pleased, honored, grateful to call my daughter my friend, my sister in arms. May she have a glorious birthday week, a fantabulous actual day of celebration and may all the out voices sing out loud, sing out proud toward supporting our sisters and brothers yet to take those tremouls steps toward living their truth.

Monday, October 02, 2017

A Brand New Month

A neighbor's ode to Fall

I lost a book. It wasn't a very big book. Nor was it a very expensive book. But, I lost it and it is bugging me senseless. I bought this book a few years ago when I first became interested in adding more variety to my vegetable knowledge, palate, and plate.

As you may have surmised the book mostly sat on a shelf and my vegetable prowess remained status quo, with the same old notes being played and sung. Every few weeks the interest would re-emerge, the book would come out, some notes would be taken and then, nothing. 

The book would go back on the shelf in one clutter clearing frenzied moment to be forgotten about until the next time. 

Saturday just passed was the next time. All shelves checked. All stacks reviewed. No book. I can not only remember the last time I had it but of course, cannot remember where I stuck it. 

The book is lost. Heck, it may even be gone; donated to the Friends of the Library for the annual used book sale. But, while the book may be lost, the desire to add more variety to my vegetable knowledge, palate, and plate lives on. 

Next up: Spaghetti Squash.

. . .