Monday, March 27, 2017


The HUGE Ferris Wheel @ Navy Pier

Monday thru Friday from about 8:45 (most of the time) until 5:10 or so I am unplugged from all social media. Sure, I'm online as most of the medical billing functionality as well as my work station telephone is internet based, but my internet activity is pretty much limited.

To be fully in compliance with HIPAA we are not allowed to have our personal phones (or other mobile devices) at our workstations (let alone.have them on) and we are not to access our personal emails or other sites while any of the medical billing pages are up. Actually, we are only to do those things during a lunch or other break time. We are allowed to access streaming radio like iHeart, Spotify, or Pandora which most do (we are allowed to have one ear plugged) as the office music selection of the day is not to the taste of the room at-large.

So, Monday thru Friday from about 8:45 am (most of the time) until 5:10 pm I have absolutely no idea what has gone on with my FB, Instagram, or Twitter feeds. And for the most part, I don't really care, wouldn't do me much good since I can't access them. I suppose I could take my phone to BK (or some other nearby spot) to surf or take WWF turns but I don't.

That isn't to say that I don't spend a good portion of the very long commuting time (about 90 minutes including waiting) scrolling through FB and Instagram, taking WWF (Words With Friends) turns, and reading blog posts. I try not to comment (sometimes I can't help it) because the bus jostling adds a bit of intrigue to tapping out coherency. . 

Given the limitations I don't have a lot of time focused on or to be dedicated to Internet / social media sites for pure leisure. When I first got on-line oh so many years ago, I emailed and surfed the WWW. Surfing various topics (most having to do with lesbianism--as I wasn't "out" yet) led to a community of bloggers and eventually to my own blogging.

While I do have Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, and Tumblr accounts I do not actively participate in any of those platforms. Tumblr asks every year if I'd like to keep my Tumblr name and I always reply, "yes" even as I have no intention to Tumbl(r).  My leisure time Internet usage is FB, Instagram, Blogging, and to a very small degree, YouTube. (I shop on line but that is not a leisure activity). 

A blogging (and FB) buddy talked about YouTube channels and the number of subscriptions she has. I had to admit, yes, I YouTube but had no idea how many channels I had over the years clicked, "subscribe". After reading her post I discovered that number was 26. I spent a few minutes un-subscribing and so now the number is: 19.   

I have to admit, YouTube has not been my "go to" internet place for some time now. Their pay-to-play platform and more recent acts played a role in my staying (mostly) away. My most recent upload was 3 years ago.   My YouTubing usually happens as result of a video being posted on another platform, usually FB or embedded in a blog.

My fellow blogger's post got me thinking not only about my YouTube subscriptions but about my overall Internet activity and how I might re-dedicate my leisure time Internet usage or even if I may (or should) re-dedicate more leisure time off-line.

I didn't realize this was even on my mind until I read her post on my way home from work today. 




Monday, March 20, 2017

This and That

We had snow last week. Not like other places, but enough. 

I hope the snow is over, but this is the Midwest, anything is possible

The madness that is March (i.e. college basketball) is in full swing. 

And I have no idea who is where. Well, except for UConn. 
(UConn women, I am sure you knew that.) 

Why do people reach out, start a dialog and then just stop? 

Click here for tidbits about the name Deborah. 

According to family lore my name was nearly Clementine. 

Ryerson, Morse, Beidler, Ryder, Dvorak, Suder, and Skinner are the names of the elementary schools I attended.  


Monday, March 13, 2017

Step To It



4,886 multiplied by three total 14,658. 
Which is the total number of steps taken on the Sunday. 

I joined a new group and the outing (stroll near one of the north side beaches) was my first event. The goal is to manage at least two such events a month. Of course, there must be other such events on my own. The idea is that joining the group will help motivate movement outside of the group events. 

Beginning. Again. 

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

One March On

Ruby Bridges is 62 years old. Fifty-seven years ago she was the first Black student to attend Franz Elementary school in New Orleans, LA after the federal government forced Louisiana to comply with the landmark, Brown vs. the Board of Education Supreme Court ruling leading to the desegregation of the nation's public school system.

For over a  year, she was the only student as all the white families pulled their kids out. The teachers refused to teacher to teach her, save one: Barbara Henry, a Boston native. Ms. Henry taught Ruby as though there were a room full of Rubys. 

♥  ♥ ♥ ♥

I mention it here because one: I will celebrate my 57th birthday in a few months. Two: Women's History. Black(s) in America history IS  AMERICAN
history. Three: I have been thinking about my school experiences as well as been in conversations with my son and daughter about experiences during their school years.
Four: Fifty-seven years ago Ruby was the first Black child to attend all-white Franz Elementary.

" . . . one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."    

#post 1,000.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Remembrance and Loss

"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it. you just slowly learn how to go on without them. But always keeping them tucked safely in your heart."   I don't remember where I read this quote, I wrote it on a random piece of paper some months ago. I marked it author unknown and promptly stuck it in a book where it stayed until Friday while looking for some other random thing written or sketched.  Ironically , one day before the anniversary of my mother's death.

Turns out that day was also the day my orange boy, Buttah died. I haven't talked about it much, but Buttah has been sick. The sickness came on rather suddenly and progressed rapidly.  At first it seemed like something that would pass, he was acting a little differently but was otherwise, fine--all the markers, marked. Until the last few days. He didn't appear to be in any distress caused by pain. He leaned in to all our touches and ministrations. We made him as comfortable as we could in his final days and on Friday, he went to sleep. Quietly. 

The parallels are striking. My head and heart are in a swirl.

Pair Buttah's demise with remembering mom with receiving communication from an attorney regarding a pending case related to my dad and his death,  totally out of the blue, all within the same days, and well. . . loss and remembrance, remembrance and loss, like a never ending loop.

The hours, minutes, seconds of the last several days have been consumed with thoughts of mom and dad; tucked safely in a heart now cracked open needing to make room for my dear orange guy. Loss and remembrance. Remembrance and loss. Running in a loop. 


Monday, February 06, 2017

Three (now Two) From One Thousand

The actor at a table read. 

Last year, I shared this  The year before that, this  And many years before, this .  All that has been said before remains true and even more. In addition to acting and the music noted in previous posts, the man who will turn the page on his 35th birthday on Wednesday, will add a directing credit to his resume.

He has spoken at length of the challenges, the joys, and the pains of the process. And how he is enjoying every minute of it. He said, "If I can cultivate an environment where a bunch of strangers want to work together to create, then much of my work is done.

Casting (an arduous process) is now complete. Rehearsals will begin soon. And then, opening day!

Not sure I can adequately convey just how hard this guy works, how "matter-of-factly" he takes the knocks that come his way, how focused and committed he is to craft, to art, to creativity, to life and how art plays into that.

I wish my son a happy birthday (in two days). I wish his spirit and verve for life and art continues to grow.

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