Sunday, May 01, 2016

May We Go All The Way

No cook, mason jar oatmeal.                      

Four years ago I had a girlfriend. Weird to be saying girlfriend in my mid-fifties, (well, I wasn't mid at the time) but still . . .   that's what we were, girlfriends. And April per FB memories was our signature month. She shared and spoke with me much four years ago April  Not to long beyond April she stopped talking and eventually, broke up with me. But, I am veering off track. The track being: healthy eating. My good friend over at 8th Day proposes a community challenge of small changes to daily eating that will hopefully lead to lasting changes toward eating healthily.

Some of the small changes referenced in the post  are changes that I'd already adopted on some level but I have not been consistent to the discipline. Thus, I am joining the challenge. One of my hurdles is having healthier options readily available. Which brings me back to the girlfriend.

Four years ago she shared a no cook, mason jar oatmeal recipes link.I bookmarked the link but had not ever gotten around to trying any of the recipes. Then, we broke up, life took a turn toward death, grief, unemployment, and . . . well, suffice to say, I forgot all about living healthily let alone, no cook mason jar oatmeal.

If not for the "On This Day" FB feature no cook, mason jar oatmeal would have remained forgotten. Now, however, I am anxious to pick up the supplies and ingredients needed to make several days worth. I am already doing smoothies a couple of days a week, oatmeal in a more traditional serving method for a couple others. Breakfast done healthier is rolling along fairly well. The no cook, mason jar oatmeal will help mightily.

Lunch and Dinner need much more work. In preparation of the challenge, my grocery list included more fruit and vegetables. My week one challenge is to include at least one vegetable with both lunch and dinner this week.  

In addition to taking on the May Healthier Eating Challenge, May is also National Bike Month. My hope is

that weather permitting Melody and I are rolling more and more hours this month. April has been dismally wet and cold. Not at all conducive to Melody trips. Here's to taking a lasting turn toward sustainable lifestyle changes and healthier living. Thank you to FB for prompting a memory. Though the relationship ran aground, I am happy for having had the experience. I remember much of our time together fondly, now.

#healthier eating challenge week 1 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Leap, Circle and Yearn

Last year PBS Newshour presented a segment with musician Rob Kapilow speaking  
to why the song is so good. He makes a good point, I guess. . 
All I know is I love the film. I ♥ this song. 

Music is life. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Week in Pictures

 The nature challenge mentioned last week in this space resulted in the posting of these ten photos (3 for day seven). The first, taken the day after the challenge was issued, is a neighboring yard. The house behind the yard is empty and I believe, has been for some time. One of the things I love most about Spring is the surprise blooms of perennials in gardens of all shapes.
Day Two, you've seen before 

 Day Three, a neighbors Mum display from Fall 2015. 
Day 6 HI Fall 
Day 7 (1) Winter, not Blah 

Day 7 (2) Summer Bloom 

Day 7 (3) Array of Fall Colors 

Day 7 (4) Spring Bling

Some of these pics are from archived shots, a couple are new with the challenge in mind. A good friend who accepted my nomination, said on her 7th day posting,
"I opened my eyes to new things this week ... noticed such beauty that I wouldn't usually take notice of."  I had a similar kind of reaction. I am a fairly observant person. But, what I noticed most during this challenge, was a concerted effort to observe differently. I walked down the same blocks, but on the other side of the street, for instance. I look forward to exploring with my camera in hand, to see if what I see, is what I document. :-) 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Forever Purple


There are words, so many thoughts swimming around in my head but they won't release. 
Not now. 

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson   

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nature for Seven Days

A friend was nominated a friend for a FB exercise; post a nature pic for the next seven days and nominate a friend to do the same. Should the nominated friend  take up the exercise, they are to nominate a friend, and so on and so on. 

Thus, I'm participating in a FB exercise to post a nature pic for seven days. The above photo is day two of the exercise. I posted this: The beauty and majesty of trees make me swoon. Over the next few days there may be more trees. with the photo. 

Looking through my current stock of nature photos, I observed that many include buildings. Well, I do live in a very urban area. But, even as I've traveled to or through scenic areas, the photos tend to include people, animals, or buildings--making those things the focus--over the scenery

Observation: a focus shift may be in the works. 

Follow the link for more Micro Monday.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, April 08, 2016

Friends, Family, Framily

This song emerges from my memories often. A hit, in my 
daughter's birth year (a remake of a previous version 
recorded in my son's birth year) it was one of my 
mom's favorites.  It has taken on a newer life for 
me in recent years. Thank you, Friends. ♥