Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Inauguration * Re-dux.* Welcome to Wednesday

H * A * P * P * Y      (Belated)      B * I * R * T * H * D * A * Y             B * L * O * G 

Well, I just finished a shot of Johnnie Walker Black Label and decided to go for it. I've been pondering this step for weeks now, and well, I've decided with the help and encouragement from some others, to go for it!

I'm supposed to be working on my taxes. I'm not, yet. I will, I will, but not yet. This is the latest that I've ever attacked that particular task. I am just not feeling it this year. My son (24-SR in college, living at home) announced today; "Saturday, you're helping me with my taxes." Never mind that I've done his taxes every year since he was 16. This year, though he had decided that he should take matters into his own grown up hands. I can get with that. I relinquinshed all files and let go. Well, he took the files, stored them in his room for a few weeks, until now, when he announced... I'm more than happy to help. I did have something else to do Saturday, though. Ah well.

Tonight, (this morning actually in CST), I'm choosing to start this blog. 'Tis fitting as the reading and marveling over a number of blogs for the past few months have immeasurably upset a carefully designed organizational flow.

I don't know what tone this blog will take. Obviously, since I'm a mom of two adults living at home, that element will be here. I am also an only daughter (2 brothers) with the whole boy-girl child AND middle child stuff going on. I've got mother-daughter issues as I have a daughter and I am a daughter. Who knows where this thing will go.

I do know that I have been humored, thrilled, fascinated, educated, saddened and just plain interested in the array of what I've encountered in blog land over these past few months.

So, here I blog. Welcome to my rendering of my world. I'm not quite sure where I'm going, but I do hope the ride will be vigorous, entertaining and enlightening.

Wednesday, March 29th 2006  * So, here I still blog. So many changes but some things remain the same. I thought then, that I would enjy blogging--I wish more of the folks I read then were still around, but new bloggers have filled the void.  Thank you to all who visit here. Your presence is a joy.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Tine In Time

click image for link.

Most of my forks have vanished. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nothing and Not Quite Everything

First and foremost, happy Spring, officially. The weather has been un-Spring like of late, but hey, on the calendar IT IS SPRING and hope is alive that warmer weather will follow.

In that vein and in no particular order, thoughts, events, and ideas that have sprung in recent days:

1. The actor booked an episode of Chicago Fire and it aired last Tuesday. The episode titled, "Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional" is available on-line. He comes on-screen at about the 37 minute mark.

2. It is very weird seeing your kid now a man, on television. I thought seeing him on stage was weird (exhilarating, but weird) screen is that multiplied by thousands. More, even.

3. Mom's oldest sibling celebrated her 95th birthday a few weeks ago. I have a couple of cousins who are struggling to make it to sixty, by way of contrast.

4. The Starbucks© #RaceTogether campaign  . Stumble out the gate, looking forward to next steps.

5.. THIS: My life is a struggle of constantly wanting to go out and have fun with people and also simultaneously trying to avoid human contact.

6. It has been mentioned here before and you may read it again, and again, I LOVE potato chips. Well, potatoes in most any form, but chips--on me, oh my.. That said, I haven't had any potato chips in over six weeks. (Yes, I relapsed went on a bender). The loss was re-gained and now, on the way back down, again.

7. Saturday (over Sunday) was more conducive to riding and so I did. Not crazy fast (that isn't ever going to happen) or crazy far (only about 5 miles round trip) but good to be out, good to not have collapsed upon return.

8. Discipline: per  5b: orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior.

9. Song lyric: would you mind, if I made love to you 'till I'm satisfied?.  haunting and halting. Stop.

10. Speaking of lyrics: Happy Really:? Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Really?

10a. Was the last film I saw in a theater August: Osage County?

And today: <>bSNOW

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ride On Time

My seventh birthday gift from my recently separated, soon-to-be divorced parents was a bicycle. She was blue. She had skinny wheels, zero speeds, but raced like the wind, as fast as my legs could pedal. This gift represented my first taste of freedom, from my brothers, from the block, from my seven year old worries.

I just rode.

The first, Samantha, had to be retired at some point in my early teens. I struggled mightily to earn enough to buy my next set of wheels. She was a second-hand number, black, and heavy. Not a good fit. I kept her for a season and then traded her for the wheels that carried me right through the rest of my time with my mother and brothers. When things got tense at home, I hopped aboard and rode, no matter the time of day. It was not unusual for me to be cruising the streets of Chicago at 3 or 4 in the morning.

I rode to ease my 15-16 year old worries.

Today, four decades later, being on a bike is still my solace. This weekend presented near perfect riding weather and so I rode. Loosened the limbs, freed some cobwebs.

Freedom. Sweet.

#Microblog Monday

Friday, March 13, 2015

F * R * I * D * A * Y

so much to say, so little time (and headspace) to get it together. 
in the meantime, to my friends who are fighting the fight 
rock on. 

Monday, March 02, 2015

March Woman, Women March

#MicroBlog Monday
A FB friend posed a kind of a question or challenge as her status:  It's the first of the month. What are you going to do every single day for the next 31 days? New habit? Ritual? Same ole' thing? Spill . . . 

I didn't offer an answer on the post. But, have been thinking about it ever since I read it early yesterday morning. What am I going to do every day this month? 

For starters, since it is March and Spring (reportedly) is on the way, I shall be getting myself (and Melody)ready for riding. The goal and promise is to ride on every opportune day, 40 degrees or higher and dry. In the meantime, steps, steps, and ever more steps. 10,000 steps over icy, un-even ground is quite the challenge, let me tell ya.  

Additionally, I shall be delving ever so gloriously in the hearts, minds, and works of some extrordinary women with an eye toward igniting: create. I made a promise to finish the mandala project from January 2014 by the end of the first quarter of this new year. With seven plus the bonus left, 31 (now 30) days should just about cover it. 

Beyond the above, pretty much the same ole' same thing; work, try to play, keeping eyes on the prize, putting one foot in front of the other, taking it one day at a time. 

So, what say you? What are you doing with your March? 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Somewhere, Somehow, Spring.

On a brighter note, robin sighting. **

**A** robin or two, I'm fine. But, more than that (any bird) I'm totally wigged out. Thank you.