Wednesday, July 11, 2018

These Days

Haven't posted from the mobile device in a while. (Ever?) Anyhoo, as the image implies I have days and to a slightly less degree, art on my mind.

Until we meet again.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Next Step, Someday, Maybe

Melody, for many reasons, is no longer. 
I've given some thought to the next phase 

The cruiser is my aesthetic and likely, most logical choice. 

But I've wanted a trike for a while now and pause only to muse about what choosing a trike says. 
It's like downsizing one's bed. 
Turning a corner, so to speak

All of it is moot as I have neither the money or space for a replacement personal transportation

I do love thinking about it. I hope I can do more than think about it by this time next
year. In the meantime, what to name her. 



Monday, June 11, 2018

Update Status

What hasn't been said in nearly a month:

1. My daughter had knee surgery nearly a month ago. She's frustrated with . . . well, most everything really. Doing my part to keep her spirits up takes nearly everything I have.

2. I failed to commemorate my mom's birthday mostly due to being caught up with concern and care for daughter. It was the 26th of May. She would have been 78. I miss her--still.

3. My bike broke. Thanks to that and other factors I haven't pedaled at all (well, except for gym bikes--sparingly) at all this spring season. I have no doubt not riding is impacting my psyche.

4. I participated in a free web series designed to get my sketchbook mojo ticking. I'm trying to commit to sketching every day.

5. Remember the letter writing month project? I continue to receive lovely letters from members of that group initiative.

6. In addition to re-dedicating myself to sketching and writing (creative endeavors in general), I am also re-dedicating myself to health (I won't say weight loss, though that is the ultimate desired result) goals.

7. I dreamt that I went to a party. I was in a party dress. I woke up in sweats. (Literally and otherwise) ;-)

8. My skin has been on a tear. Atopic dermatitis. Frustrating. Painful. Annoying. Nearly healed--not nearly fast enough.

9. I miss this space/community. I want/need to make the time and effort to write (and visit others) more often.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


It has been years and years since I've met fellow bloggers (for the first time). 

Agora, art installation Grant Park. 
But this past week I met not one, but two real live bloggers!! 
A portion of Rush More 
They came to the city of my birth for this thing or that thing. The opportunity presented itself for us to walk-about, talk-about, see some public art as well as that on display in a world-renowned art museum. It was a great treat and an extreme joy to meet-n-greet them.

Thanks, Y'all!!  Next time, a trip to Garretts!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Forty Questions in Parts - Part Two

First Daffodils on the Block 

About a year ago I posted the first five of the forty questions and today, the next five: 

6. What is your favorite TV show? First and foremost may I remind you all that I am not a fan of "favorite" anything. Secondly, I love TV. There have been a great many shows over my over 50-year fandom that captured my heart and remain buried in my soul. But, as for what is among my favorite currently running program (which is what I presume the question is asking) the answer is: "The Good Fight".  

7. What is your favorite movie? Again with the favorites. And here again, a great many films over the years have reached favorite
status. But, feet to the fire to choose one, I choose, "A Raisin in the Sun". 
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? No hard a fast rule or particular preference as to the morning beverage. It usually winds up being whatever it on hand. I may have, at any given time, a variety of teas (herbal or green -no black teas give me a headache) coffee, milk, juice, and/or (of course) water. If I happen to have tea, coffee, milk, and juice on hand, I'd likely choose the tea over coffee. (Remember my experiment? Well, turns out I can operate just fine without coffee in the morning) 

9. Can you do a push-up? In short, yes. I can do one. Probably not more than that unless it is of the modified variety. 

10. What's your favorite jewelry? Well, look...another favorite.  This, however, is an easy-peasy answer because I am not a big jewelry person and don't have very many pieces. Until recently, my favorite piece was a silver thumb ring that I sometimes wear on the middle finger of my left hand. Presently, my favorite piece is a hand-crafted bead bracelet gifted to me by a friend. It isn't fancy, which is just my style. It was created with a purpose, which is also my style. I'm pleased and honored to wear it in support. 


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Week's Worth

A Pop of Color from a neighbor's yard! 

Gargoyle may not have lead to evacuation and city's notice. 

A lunchtime stroll in nearby, "funeral park" as my daughter calls them. 

The morning moon is in this shot. 

Late season (surprise) snow. 

Time change = sun on the way home. 

The first pet, Pete celebrated his 12th birthday! 


Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Photo Memory

sun not quite up, moon not quite down. (da moon)

A year ago today (the 6th) it was Monday. A year ago today (the 6th) I posted this, a photo of an ominous looking tree set in my neighborhood.  The tree featured front and center, has since been cut down. There is an ominous blank space where the tree once stood.

I am pleased to have snapped a picture of that tree on that morning and several beyond. Until it was gone.

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