Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday Thursday Thanks

Orange boy vomited on my bed today and while that doesn't play as a thankful item, I am thankful that 1. daughter was home and 2. was thoughtful enough to remove the soiled sheets.

And given that Wednesday was somehow skipped over, I am doubly thankful that I completed winterizing mom's apartment before the days and nights became too much colder.


  1. Yes, here's to someone else taking care of the pet vomit. Oh, btw, you need spinach, fruit, garbage bags, cilantro and cat kibble.

  2. oh, in our house it's whoever saw it first has to clean it up. I've gotten darned good at not noticing stuff. :)

    Yay for winterizing!

  3. That photo reminds me of the time one of our cats puked on top of the fridge and when the roommate opened it up in the morning.... talk about a rude shock! Thankful it wasn't me.

    btw: you also need a mimosa.


  4. Oh

    Tiff: Generally speaking that is the mantra here too, but daughter ignored the usual rule. :-)

    E: eww thank goodness the boys haven't gotten to that (yet). Yet, something else to be thankful for.

    Why yes, I do indeed need a mimosa. :-)


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