Thursday, November 11, 2010

Month of Giving Thanks

Mom has given us (me, son, and daughter) our Thanksgiving cards. She handed them to me last weekend while I was at her place, winterizing. She asked me to hold on to them. I asked why? And she replied, "because it is so early."

Well, without going into the back and forth we had over this, let me just say, I didn't hold on to the cards. I gave them theirs, opened mine.

And in the spirit of giving thanks, often (if not daily) this (if not every) month, without further delay:

1. I am thankful for my mother. 2. I am thankful for words. 3. I am thankful for a warm snap. 4. I am thankful for the two cats trading spaces on my bed. 5. I am thankful the dog requires assistance to get on the bed. 6. I am thankful for sport peppers. 7. I am thankful for crayons. 8. And speaking of mothers . . .yeah, thankful. 9. I am thankful for my BP thingy.
10. I am thankful for cocoa butter 11. I am thankful for and give thanks to the men and women who served honorably, admirably.

And as it will soon be the twelve day of this month, 12: thanks to my adult children My daughter went shopping and while she didn't get milk, she did get bananas. My son rocked his audition and was feeling excellent on his way to dinner, then rehearsal. He called to share his glee. Thanks, y'all are the best!

. . . to be continued.

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  1. Lovely.

    umm... what is a sport pepper?


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