Monday, November 29, 2010

The Best Thing

. . . about the first work day following a four day holiday weekend is coming home to a full on quiet space. Only the sound of rain smattering the windows, the wind rattling the wood panes (in the back) and diva dog's intermittent barking stemming from occasional ghost sightings (must be ghosts as I sure don't see what has her all riled up) pierces the quiet.

Pete has draped himself across the cable box in my bedroom, Buttah is flat on his back, legs akimbo atop my bed, and Diamond, now all done with the ghost chasing is munching on a piece of carrot. The relative peacefulness won't last too much longer, however, I am thankful for it here and now.
I shall go embrace and see to packing some of that peaceful spirit in my knapsack to aid with the Tuesday work-a-day noises.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your peace! Back to the grind. (Grrr0

  2. That sounds lovely. The end of the holiday also meant the return of the teenager at my house, so peace and quiet are limited.

  3. Oh syd, I did for I knew the grrrrrind would indeed grate.

    e: I can (not as often these days, thankfully) relate. :-)


  4. The very first line of this post? AMEN SISTAH! I'm right there with you.


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