Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Friday Saturday Night

One extra big bonus to holiday weekends is the extra day. On this, my second Saturday was an easy, slow going kind of day. The air was the cold but the skies were clear. There was some outside time (after a laze about morning with the sometimes pesky, sometimes lovable Orange Boy) with the Diva aka Diamond. She had to change out of her holiday dress for the outdoors for she has either lost a lot of weight or the dress is just ill fitting without all her hair. I have my money on the latter. In either case she suffered wore the outfit with the grace befitting her diva-hood.

It is another Saturday night and my downstairs neighbor has been out drinking. He's home now, fighting with his front door, upsetting the Diva. She'd like to skip downstairs and give him a piece of her mind for keeping up all that racket. I'm sure. He'll settle down in a bit. As will she. And then we'll pop some corn, pop a disc in the DVD player, and ease our way into another Sunday morning.
Thankful for blue skies, bonus days, popcorn, the Diva dog, and "The Wizard of Oz".
"Begone before someone drops a house on you."


  1. That doggie is SO CUTE!!!
    Sounds like a great weekend!
    Peace~~ like a river....

  2. I would truly love it if I could Socks to wear an outfit....

  3. @kmae. yes, for the most part it was pretty great. and yes, she is a cutie. :-) thanks.

    @maria, the outfits aren't my doing but Diva dog doesn't seem to mind except when they are too big or involves some sort of head gear. She doesn't like anything on her head.


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