Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Twas the Night Before . . .

All day long and now into the night memories have popped into my head, stories out of my mouth. The kids got into the spirit and began sharing tales of days gone by as well as notable moments from today.

And so on this day (every day, really) with the aromas of part of tomorrow's dinner wafting through our space, I am thankful for memories and for the joyous times I've had with my son and daughter.

I am ever grateful that they are here and we are lucky to spend another day, eating, talking, and laughing together.

Here's to making more memories.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Deborah. Enjoy making this day another good memory.


  2. Twas indeed the night before... just what I was thinking. Enjoy the day -- we're having lobster, as if this year hadn't been strange enough already.

  3. This is wonderful!

  4. I heart this post!


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