Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where'd Tuesday Go?

You are hereby summoned: Jury Duty.

The summons was for stand-by, which meant calling after 4:30 p.m. the day before to learn IF I had to trek nearly 16 miles to the county courthouse near Chicago's "North Shore".

The recorded message said, "if your last name begins with B as in Bravo through and including Z as in Zulu, you must appear." And so, I had to prepare myself for the trek. The public transpo website provided several public transpo options. All those available to me meant and hour and forty-five minutes travel time.

Thanks to several road construction zones, the commute actually took two hours and thirty minutes. Lovely.

Six hours after clearing security and checking in, I was released with the thanks of the court and a check for my time and trouble, $17.20. We, the prospective jurors were told that four trials were scheduled; two criminal, two civil. All four cases settled without the need for a jury.

The return commute home was shaved by only 30 minutes.

Worn out, I ate. Slept. Which of course meant that I was awake at 2 a.m. listening to (if not sneaking a peak at) "Jaws" on television.

A Tuesday lost. A weary Wednesday.

. . . to help out thEBalzie, the actor is currently in rehearsal for "Lobby Hero", he is playing William. And speaking of, he just closed a run of a Stoppard play and begins rehearsals for the next, August Wilson's "Radio Golf" days after "Lobby Hero" closes. In between, he's auditioning, auditioning, and auditioning.


  1. Glad you didn't have to get on a "panel"!

    Do you think Actor Man would get to meet August Wilson?

  2. Wall Street gets a billion dollar bail out and you get wasted time and $17.20. It's hard not to be a nihilist.

    Very exciting how busy M is with all his acting work. He will look back on these days with fondness. He should keep a journal.

  3. Anonymous8:37 AM


    We only get $12 here!

  4. We only get $10 but our public transpo sounds more efficient.

    Go ActorBoy Go!!!

  5. I confess that the few times that I have been called for jury duty, I never was picked because I was honest about my strong opinions. I used to work as a jury consultant and I remember how I used to always advise to skip those with strong opinions because they tend to stick to their guns and not be swayed. works.

  6. @ kmae: Actor would have LOVED to meet August Wilson. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilson died a few years ago.

    @ theEbalzie: indeed.
    Yes, journaling. He should. He does.

    @ ncp & e: 12? 10? feeling a tad better about the 17.20. . . daughter took 10 off my hands and 4 paid for lunch today. so, there's that. ;-)

    @ maria: me too--one of the few times I made it to voir dire some years ago. civil. accident 18 wheeler vs. a mazda (or something like that)/.


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