Monday, May 29, 2006

Think Holiday

The condo building I live in is small. There are nine units-all currently owner occupied. We are self-managed and I'm on the board. In the beginning I found it all very exciting. I mean, this is my first *home* and I was giddy with the possibilities.

I knew that it would take time to get my unit updated and decorated to fit my vision and ultimate comfort level. I've been planning for the past few years and hope to get started on the actual work sometime over the next year or so.

I had higher, more immediate hopes for the grounds and other common areas. The first few meetings I went to sounded promising. There seemed to be ideas, plans and goals. There wasn't much money so we were *committed* to doing as much as we could ourselves. Keeping up with the basics; sweeping, mopping, some minor yard work should be a snap since there were (at the beginning) seven of us.

Several months later we were still *talking* about the many of same things. I realized then my association mates were lazy.

Today I will be cleaning our back courtyard of fallen leaves, twigs and various detritus nature has bestowed on our little kingdom, as I've done many weekends over the past few years. I will then move on to the front yard, where I will be weeding, watering and tending to the un-potted plants.

My fellow *homeowners* will pass me on their way to..wherever it is they go; they will stop, admire and say, "hey, looks great!" and I'll say, "thanks."

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  1. It's great that you can motivate despite apathy surrounding you. I am envious.


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