Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm Coming Out (?)

Here I am again. As my archives & profile attest, I started this blog several weeks ago; the lone entry, a rather weak testament to my status as a blogger. I haven't been back for several reasons. First, the medium, and the breadth and dearth of items out there is just a tiny bit intimidating. Second, time; too much to do, too little time to do it. Third, my questioning whether this process is going to help, hurt or just be--and if there is no effect, is it worth the time, effort and energy?

This is my usual routine. I've talked myself into and out of many things over my 40+ years. Some of these things might have been good for me, ultimately, if I'd just given it a chance. I teeter-totter, rationalize, err on the side of caution, more times than not. How different my life might be, or might have been, if I were more daring.

I've never been on a plane. I don't think I'm afraid to fly, but I might be. My daughter asked if I would take her to Vegas for her 21st birthday in October. I agreed, a bit reluctantly. The other day she asked if I would freak out on the plane. I told her I would try not to as I wouldn't want to embarrass her. Sweet, smart young woman that she is, said, "Mom, you couldn't embarrass me, I know you've never done it and I don't want you to be scared."

So, since agreeing to go, I have been adjusting the 'tude. I'm trying on for size, a 'git er done' coat. I'm posting and announcing to those I visit that I too, am a blogger.

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