Tuesday, May 30, 2006

School Days

My daughter might have been a soft core porn author. She might be yet, the jury is still out pondering her career fate. Anyway, a few years ago, when she was in high school, an English teacher remarked that she thought YL would make an excellent soft core porn author. Not just a writer, mind you, a very specific niche. I've never seen any of the stories that elicited this opinion. I asked to see them, but the teacher graded them and returned them to the author. The author promptly discarded them. Hmm...Curious.

Authoring soft core porn might be a step up, I suppose. Further back when in JR high, her writings were forwarded to the social worker, who promptly called me in for a conference. The teacher and SW were concerned that she might be plotting some *action* against classmates or more. They relayed that therapists could be summoned, interventions arranged. Whoa! I offered reassurance that the stories were fiction. She has an active imagination. She has a brother who preceded her and she tries to *outdo* him. She's just, you understand, testing boundaries. Finally, I threw in; "YL doesn't have the organizational skills to plan her lunch, let alone a coup." Ms. SW, noted, "why, yes, of course Ms. t o d, that is documented here in her *file*, but, still, you understand, we must keep an eye on the situation."

Yes, of course, they must.

Now back to this soft core porn business, those were just *fiction* too. Right?


  1. Of course it was fiction. Your baby girl is as pure as the driven snow.

    Or is that as pure as the driven on snow? In which case maybe it wasn't fiction after all...

    Ask her.
    You must! ;)

  2. I hope it's lesbian soft core porn because we are SO in need of good lesbo porn.

  3. No, I don't think it was. I'm pretty sure that would have been a different meeting.


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