Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wait, It's Coming

Don't you hate when you lose something; spend seconds, minutes, hours; re-configuring, re-constructing or replacing only to have the original item show up? It is happening all too often in my post 4th decade, pre-menopausal, all too freaking frequent cycles. Shh..I'm concentrating!


  1. *grin*

    My cousin, who is 44, says: "Shhhhhh! I'm constipating!"

    Cracks me up every time. Mostly because nobody has ever bothered to correct her, in all these years.

  2. Yes, but then you just are resigned that in order to find the thing you lost you have to re-configure and re-construct and have two!

  3. Jennifer - I Love It!

    Elizabeth - yeah, there is that.


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