Wednesday, May 31, 2006


At the office, I have an IN box. In fact, the box is more like a basket. The basket, very large and very red is placed in a very prominent place just inside my office door.

The basket is large, large enough to hold any number of items, invoices, checks or even lunch should someone feel so inclined to share.

I clear my IN basket daily. I do not like clutter and I do not like pending. I like DONE. I am warmed by DONE.

My office mates are IN on the basket notion. Anything requiring my attention and / or action should be placed in the basket. Those items are given quick and prompt service. My daily goal is an empty basket.

There are two in my office, who, for whatever reason, cannot consistently grasp the concept. These mates persist in placing whatever the item, directly under my nose, usually while my nose (and the rest of my face) is involved in other, generally more urgent and unrelated activity. Often, they further intrude by announcing the offending item; "This is and invoice from Jump to It" or "This is the absent slip for sick guy." Sometimes, the announcement is in the form of a question, "Where would you life this?"

Composure and good cheer firmly in place, "please place in the basket."

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  1. Ah yes. I have an 'in' basket concept. I call it the 'McDonalds priority'. I tell them it's like being at McDonalds. There is a line and no one jumps to the front.


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