Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pet Please

My daughter wants a dog. In my heart, I want a dog too. Throughout my childhood there were dogs; there were old dogs, new dogs, borrowed dogs and blue dogs. My dad brought home strays, not all of them dogs, but that's another story. After he and my mom split, my younger brother was usually able to convince my mom that we should take in his newest rescue.

For one reason or another there hasn't been a dog in my life since I left home at seven-teen. Consequently, YM and YL have never had a dog growing up YM never broached the subject; rumor has it he's a cat person. YL asked, from time to time about getting a dog. Initially, only dad vetoed. As I began to realize that the home ownership dream that I thought WE hatched, wasn't going to come to fruition and then we split; I had to help her face the fact that she would grow up without a dog. She took this hard as we lived in a community full of single family homes and happy families who housed up to three dogs, cats and various other creature pets.

YL is now grown up and she wants a dog. In my heart, I want a dog too. In my head, however, I'm thinking she must be nuts. The three of us live in a two bedroom, single bath condo with no back yard to speak of. She works in a day care 6 hours a day 5 days a week. She cares for several children between the ages of 2 and 4. She works with women, most of them older than me (which I take to mean they are 'difficult') and she whines, ahem, I mean reports to me daily about her travails. So, this young lady, who crowned herself Princess years ago, the reigning, uncontested diva of our world, is going to come home and care for a puppy / dog whose been cooped up in the condo all morning when she won't even do her laundry until every scrap of fabric she owns (which is legion) is dirty? Um, no I don't think so, at least, not yet.


  1. I can't imagine life without a dog as I've never experienced it. But I've also had the fortune to always have a fenced yard. Pets are a labor of love.


  2. I agree. It would be a very big step for her and our household. I'm not sure she's clear on the 'labor' part, especially taxing without a yard.

  3. Dogs are the best. I also can't imagine life without a dog. Having a small place and no yard isn't too bad if you don't mind walking and exercising the dog.

    We were living in an apartment when we got our terrier. I took him for long walks in the morning and in the evening...but you have to take the time. There certainly is labor involved. And money.

  4. Yes, Elizabeth. I remember. The labor, money,time, in addition to the lack of a yard are all factors that have me...pausing. She say's she can handle it and maybe she can..current evidence, however, is not in her favor.

    Perhaps after my son moves out.

  5. i love my dog...but can totally imagine life without one!
    just think of all the tiem i would save on vacuuming!


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