Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh, For The Love of Ivy

A couple (maybe three) weeks back I made mention of some kind of weekly feature. Well, it didn't happen, not really. So there. . . . this was going somewhere, I know not where, now.


Margaret called today. Margaret is a vendor representative. Margaret got me reaching, screaming really, for the end of the day at 10:00 a.m. Margaret repeated herself repeatedly. Even after I made it perfectly clear that I understood. I got it, her company screwed up, my company was harmed (a bit) by that screw-up, she thought she fixed it, but didn't, and is trying to fix it now. I'm not mad, just fix it, move on, and GET OFF THE PHONE. I got IT 45 sentences ago.

Moving on . . .

Can you read and walk at the same time? Not billboards, street signs, and the like. But the screen of your device (a phone is no longer a phone, don'tcha know) for instance. For that matter, can you walk and manipulate your device at the same time?

I can't. I have to stop moving. Not always to read, but certainly to type. I'm not annoyed that I can't, I'm annoyed that those who can and who do don't watch where they are going and as such are annoying as they tend to walk erratically thus creating a need for creative sidwalk navigation.

How annoying is it when folks have music, pod casts, or whatever playing from their device on the bus or train and they don't even bother with the headphones, ear buds, whatev; never mind the inadequate private listening devices, but to eschew them altogether?

Yeah, that annoying.

On the positive tip, today is my Friday.



  1. A big "hell yeah" for Friday!

  2. I am completely unable to walk and read, or type, at the same time. But I have never been called graceful or coordinated, either.

    Happy Friday!!!!!

  3. I can walk and type, but I wouldn't do it in a crowd. I didn't say I was *good* at it.

  4. Don't you know... it's all about them!

  5. I've had the pleasure of reviewing "Middle Girl" and I'm pleased to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with me and now the many readers of our blog directory.

    Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your future post.

  6. I am the kind of person that I can only do one thing at a time, I can't do multitasking, and thank god is Friday, this week was brutal


  7. NCP: AND now a 2ND FRIDAY...wooot

    Dish: Coordination, what the heck is that?

    Syd: Not doing it. In a crowd. Got it. hehehe

    EB: oooh yes. Sometimes I forget.

    Fay: Thank you!

    Laura: Abosultely, YaY for Friday!!


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