Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet K I S S

To honor the day and in anxious anticipation for the season to come, I've gone green. I'm drinking green tea out of my leafy mug, ate a slightly green banana, and will have some salad greens for lunch. I'm not wearing any green unless you count the stripes on my panti...ok, tmi.
The header name change thanks to Maggie, per her comment in my other Irish post.
Daughter's planning Orange Chicken (not homemade, frozen) for dinner. I'll have to plan something else for myself, that option likely has too much sodium for my taste and sensibilities. I'm still considering the possibilities.
Whatever happens for dinner, the after dinner treat will be whatever Irish beverage currently on hand. Given the son's taste, it will be a shot of Jameson, (I would have linked, but the site declares my DOB invalid...I must be of legal drinking age to enter... hahahahahaha, lovely) his current fave. We, the son and I were just having the "carded" conversation.
And on that note, Happy O'Humpy Day.


  1. I am not Irish, but with strawberry blond hair, green eyes, and pasty pale skin, I see nothing wrong with pretending I am one day a year! And I am wearing a green dress today! Cheers, Honey!

  2. we had a shot o the Jameson this evening, and found it slightly sweet.

    Decadently so, and perhaps also dangerously. Good thing we have Evan Williams as a reliable backup. :)

    Happy o' Hump Day to you too!

  3. Fabulous. I'm likin' the green, lassie.


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