Thursday, March 04, 2010

Re-Visit, Re-Vise

As you may recall your plucky (plucky?) Middle Girl began a quest at the beginning of last year. If you're interested in that journey, click: here. That post links to the related posts along the way. Also that post notes plans for moving forward.

Well, this post is here to tell you, shit happened. Oh, I was doing fine and dandy. Eating my sensibly put together meals, getting some exercise, and shedding a pound here and there. . . moving right along.

Then, blam. slam. flim. flam. winter. And what I feared would happen, happened. I stopped moving (so much) and starting eating more (and less sensibly). Spending more time inside has had a direct affect on my waist-line.

Of course, I can't blame it all on winter and being indoors (there were other issues, but still...) I saw it coming and should have been able to build the reserve, strengthen the resolve to solider onward. But alas, I didn't. It's on me, quite literally.

So, here I sit at the exact weight I was when I started the quest last January. And I'm here to tell you, 1. I'm annoyed and 2. I'm beginning again (The Quest 2010). Effective immediately.

Much like the 2009 Quest, the 2010 version will feature sensibly sized portions of figure friendly foods and beverages, as much physical activity as the heart and knees can muster, and an attention to stress triggers and a concentration on relief that doesn't involve food or other less than constructive acts. I enter Quest 2010 with a fierce, ferocious, nearly feral attitude. I'll need it to 1. begin immediately, what with the still 20 degree morning / overnight temps and 2. sustainability. I have to keep this motor running well through December, at least.

I'm planning to schedule my annual physical for later in the year. I'm hoping the desire to visit the doc many, many pounds lighter, with bp well in check, and cholesterol readings well under warning levels will provide enough incentive to power through November.

I have a proven track record and I'm not concerned about the ability to lose the weight once I focus, but sustaining that through the long, cold, dark, power sucking winter . . . well, that's proven the challenge.

Well, here I go. . .


  1. Good luck! I need to figure out how to get these 20 winter lbs off. The bacon and blue burger and fries I had for lunch probably won't help...

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    If you focus on eating right and exercising to get the BP in check and lower cholesterol, etc... your health is going to improve regardless of your weight. Health benefits do not need to be tied to weight loss as long as the benefits are there.

    Getting active and healthy is a goal that's much more achievable - and long term more sustainable.

  3. Oh - I hear ya. And will join you.

  4. Good luck to you my friend.I NEED to be right here with you. I was watching "Biggest Loser" last night and it always gets me "motivated" but I don't stay that way. And I won't even mention the stress issue! But I am going to try to start with smaller portions if nothing else. I do walk all over campus but it is not enough to do what I need to get done. But I'm feelin' ya.

  5. Trying to eat better as I type. So far so good. But it's only been five days.

  6. I thought about you this morning when I heard that Chicago is going to be flirting with 50 degrees this weekend. Get out and enjoy it!!

  7. @The Dish: OMGoodness...that sounds mah-vel-ous. But, alas I'm off those kinds of lunches for a while. At least, consistently. ;)

    @ncp: Granted. For me, right now they are inextricably connected. Got an eye on the big pic.

    @tiff: The more the merrier. Well, so to speak. ;)

    @zenobia: Thank You. And to you as well.

    @eb: each day is a new day.

    @syd: Heck Yeah!!

  8. It's NEVER too late to start over...
    I do it every day! ha!


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