Tuesday, March 23, 2010


While the collar has restricted some of her movement, it hasn't dampened her spirit (too much). She still seeks to "body up" Pete as often as possible. Their sharing the recovery blanket is a pleasant turn.

I doubt this sudden closeness will remain after the collar is gone.

But, we'll see.

An uncle died last week. I attended his funeral was today. It was a typical affair, a coming together of family from near and far. Full of amens and alleluias. As is usually the case with these affairs (at least in my family) folks are full of promises and proclamations.

I doubt . . .

Well, we'll see.

I hope some of what was said, comes to fruition. It'd be nice and my Uncle Daniel would be pleased.


  1. Sorry for your loss, my dear.

    I always feel so bad for animals in those cone things. Hope her's is gone soon. Poor baby.

  2. Sorry about your Uncle.

    The collar makes me equal parts sad for the dog and cracks me up!

  3. Hey Deborah - sorry for your loss.

    The "cone of shame" is equally amusing and sad at the same time. Especially when they bump into things.

  4. I can only imagine the horror my dog would inflict on me if he were in that cone....

    Sorry for your loss...

  5. Love the way some funerals are really celebrated as a home-going! Sorry for your loss tho.
    Love the dog pic in her collar... those eyes! ha!
    I remember Roxie in hers. Animals are so great, but expensive to take care of at the vet. Hate that part.


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