Monday, March 08, 2010

Come On Over

Come on go with me, come on over to my place Sorry, having a T. Pendergass moment there. Memories, not all bad. Ahem, moving on . . .

Some time ago I made mention of having to write a bio for something I'd talk about later. Now is later. My pal Lori got with some of her pals and together they created a place, a sensation, a Gayborhood. A Gayborhood that is bright and pretty, fun and informative, warm and inviting. And I'm not saying those things because I'm part of it. Well, I am, but not just because. :)

Without getting all mission statement on you, one of my reasons for blogging was to improve my discipline and diligence with regard to writing. I've always enjoyed writing, but it also has been mostly a private affair, a way to excise the mutterings in my being. For the past few years, I've wanted, needed more. And so, have been seeking and taking some advantage of some opportunities that filtered my way.

It is an honor to have been invited to contribute to the 'hood. A few of the other contributors I know and enjoy via blogs, many others I didn't know prior to O B Gayborhood, but am finding everyone a joy to read. So, come on over, come on over to our place.


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  2. I read it daily. The hardest part for me was talking about it on my blog, though. It felt as if I were pimping myself out and I skulked around feeling like some sort of braggart until my partner finally threw up her hands and said, "You know, it is perfectly to be a good writer and to admit it."

    And you are a good writer and I admit it....:)

  3. I've been enjoying Maria's writing for quite a while and am delighted to have yet another place to do so. And now I've found you, too - another excellent writer whose words can be found in two blogs. Oh, the sheer luxury of it all! Thanks, ladies. Please don't stop.


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