Monday, March 15, 2010

whereas, pursant, therefore

1. Ok, I am an idiot wrong eyes

2. loosely translated: I wore the wrong glasses to work

3. There is no RIGHT day to wear the WRONG glasses. But, of ALL days, Monday is the worst.

4. Not counting repeated phrases to the cats, dog, and my mother, I can count on one hand the words I said aloud yesterday.

5. The folks in my office have a lot to learn about cleaning up after their microwave explosions.

6. The female who works for the owners other business washes her hands like a 4 year old, judging by the water spray pattern she leaves behind.

7. Hi-ever, it could be worse.

8. Part of me is hoping that there will be some of Sunday's dinner left.

9. For my own sake, part of me is hoping not.

10. . . . got me going in circles, round and round, I go


  1. I have a sloppy washer in my office too. I mean, how fucking hard is it to wash one's hands without spraying water everywhere? It is one of those little annoying things that become a big annoying thing on a really bad day. Like the other co-worker who removes her high heels and rubs her feet WHILE THE REST OF US ARE EATING and her feet don't um...smell fresh.

  2. 4. Yeah, no, yes, uh-huh, sure

  3. Maria: I know. I know. Sheesh. WHAT???? Rubs her stinky feet while you all are EATING????? Icky Poo!

    EB: yep yep. Not to mention, get off the counter, stop that, and come on.

  4. Mr. Burns is a sloopy pig. With all of her other faults, that one might be the most annoying.

  5. Dish: The Horror!! I feel your pain.

  6. Microwave explosions... do you suspect sabotage or simply stupidity? What, exactly, was being nuked? (Unless it was a poodle, in which case please don't tell me.)

  7. Hears: not sabotage or so simply stupidity, just zero home training and bad manners. No poodles, but a variety of soups and stews (including chili) instant oatmeal (apple flavored) and every now and again some kind of moistened meat product.


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