Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was summertime. We arranged to meet in Greek Town. I chose this neighborhood because it wasn't downtown, but near enough, just in case. And while trendy, isn't overly crowded. It is also fairly close to the public transpo option that was more-or-less a straight shot back to where she was staying.

I was nervous. Not first date or job interview nervous, but nervous none-the-less. Though I'd met three other bloggers and those meets had gone well, and she and I had followed one another through our respective blogs for weeks, months prior to this meet, I was still nervous of the unknown element. Meeting someone in real-life is very different than meeting the virtual them, to say the least.

It was the summer of 2007 (WoW, it feels like yesterday). We ate, drank, and made much merry conversation.

Tiff noted that I was a lucky girl. I agree. I do feel lucky and I'm glad to have been able to experience the 3,000th W*lgre*ns with you (she knows who she is*) that was such a treat! I'm looking forward to our next get-together. Maybe we can go in search of number 3,001 or check out that other passion of yours. Thank you so much for taking part in the project. I ♥ you, dontcha know.

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  1. okay Im confused... this happened in 2007?
    or now?
    or in your dreams??!

  2. I'm stunned. There are 3000 Walgreens?

  3. kmae, the visit happened in 2007.

    tiff: yes, at least 3000. WoW right?

  4. Chapin6:05 PM

    I can't believe it was 2007. Time flies...I can't wait to hang out again. The are currently 7,541 Walgreens but none as cool as 3,000. I'm glad I was able to be part of the celebration

  5. I haven't had much success with meeting blog friends. I've met five of them and only one was what I would call a "good meeting." So..yes, I am very leery about meeting blog friends. But...how wonderful that it worked out so nicely for you. And good hell...3000 WALGREEN stores? God help us!


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