Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day Five: Cheers!!!!

Over the next several posts I will be sharing the completed pages of this magnificent journal, a gifted inspiration from my good friends eb and queen maxine.

The lovely cheers to turning fifty project traveled around the country, pages being filled by some friends made through blogging. Quite the project. To say I was floored when I tore open the FeX packaging and spied the journal, not to mention the extras; supplies for me to do my own pages, and an origami animal menagerie adorned with jewels, would . . . well, let's just say, understatement doesn't even begin to cover it. Thanks have gone out to all participants but I thank you all here again: Nina, Lori , Tiff ,Chapin, M.A.W. (creator of the origami creatures--which were totally WoW) and of course, the lovely Elizabeth and Ms. serene Maxine. You ladies rocked my very colorful socks off and made turning half a hundred an absolutely delectable experience.

Journal Madness, as I am calling it, will be explored further in this space.

Now, for the chocolate martini taste tests: I tried the chocolate martinis several ways and have awarded stars (1--5) accordingly; one ranking as least favorite progressing to most favorite, five stars.

A. 2 parts vodka, 1 part Irish cream, 1 part Godiva choc liqueur : 3 stars
B. 1 part each vodka, Irish cream, Godiva chock liqueur: 2 stars
C. both of the above with a dash (or two) of cinnamon: 2 stars
D. same as A, B along with with equal parts half and half: 2 stars
E: 2 parts vodka, 1 part Irish cream, 2 parts Godiva choc liqueur: 4 stars
F: same as E except 2 parts each: 5 stars
G: same as E except minus the Irish cream: 2 stars

The half and half added a froth consistency to the drink and though not horrible, didn't appeal as much. I've lost count of how many chocolate martinis I've consumed over these five celebratory days but I enjoyed each and every one, some to a greater degree than others, but all YuM.

And re: Pretzel M&M's:
I was all set to become quietly addicted to Pretzel M&M's as it sounded like a match made to assure snack nirvana. But, while like the half and half added to the chocolate martini mix, not horrible, did not knock my colorful socks off. If / When I'm choosing M&Ms as my snack candy of choice (rare as that is) I will likely choose the pretzel variety over the others, but no danger of forming any addictions.

Thus bringing to a close the five days of THE Fiftieth celebration(s) except for the elaboration of Journal Madness. Until then, let me leave you with the text of a card received from one of my cousins:

Turning fifty means
looking back at the choices you've made,
the places you've been
and embracing the amazing person
they've helped you become
It means wearing your confidence like a smile
and striding through your life
regret-free, fearless, and purposeful
Turning fifty means
appreciating just how far you've traveled,
yet realizing the best of the best
is yet to come
it means wrapping yourself in happiness
and celebrating every minute of being fifty
as if it were the best time of your life
because it truly is . . .
To which I say, hellz to the yeah. Cheers, Nifty Fifty.


  1. That journal has been a part of our lives since May, it's kinda weird to see a picture of it here.

    I guess it figures and one martini with double all the good stuff is the winner. It certainly sounds yummy.

    And, while I'm kinda sorry you had to go into work to get the package, the IM exchange to get you there entertained the queen and I.

  2. Going down to work added to the excitement, actually. I didn't have to go IN as new recruit brought the package out. Some speculation conversation ensued. It was f-u-n. :-)

    The IM exchange was devine.


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