Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Fam-i-ly*

When I first started following blogs way back when I sought out that which was most familiar to me, motherhood and mothers. Then, like now (I imagine) there was no shortage of so-called mommy bloggers.

Eventually, the focus was narrowed to lesbian bloggers, which ultimately led me to a bevy of women who are of a similar age and with similar experiences. Most are lesbians. Most are mothers. Most are writers and / or artists in some other medium.

That is how I became aware of and acquainted with Lori as well as other contributors to the journal. Lori has lived and continues to live a fascinating life. Here tales of family life and adventures in lesbian dating are of particular interest as well as sources of entertainment and information.

Lori is also co-editor of OBG and while we haven't met face-to-face, we have had occasion to speak on the phone. So exciting to put a voice to the face, some timbre to the words and their rhythms that are so familiar.

No question, I ♥ all the pages, and Lori's page is no exception. I ♥ you Lori for taking part and for sharing your thoughts and extending your friendship.

*journal madness (6)


  1. Aww, Deborah, thank you! I found you through Boo - I remember our first email exchange and your growth and flow through this new part of your life - you wow me. I'm so glad you came with us over to OBG. I know we'll meet one of these days, in real-time. Hopefully in Chicago.

  2. Great to see you're still blogging!

  3. Hey Lori, you're welcome. And yeah, I remember, through Boo. And Thank YOU! I LoVe OBG and writing.

  4. Lori is the best. Hands down. When she asked me to write for OBG, I was flat out not interested. No extra time. Didn't like the idea of deadlines, etc. It took her exactly two weeks to wear me down and get me on board. And to those that know me, that is some kind of record. I just am not the type who changes my mind, lets myself get talked into things.

    But seriously, who can say no to Lori? She is a rare bird and one of the funniest, most genuine people I know.


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