Friday, August 13, 2010


Joy. A short, simple word to express the range of emotions experienced when I saw the journal (and other package contents). Taking in each of the pages, absorbing the sentiments expressed and the care taken in creation brings me such J O Y. All of the women who participated in this project, delivering this joy, I know via blogging. Some, as mentioned previously, I've met in real life, real time, face-to-face. Others, like Tiff whose pages are shown here, I haven't met beyond the blog. Well, blogs really. Tiff was the creative force behind Wordsmiths Unlimited, which was so very fun.

Tiff was also instrumental in roping recruiting for the Shrinking Piggies, which not only helped me focus on weight loss, life-style goals, but also spurred some other exercising. Writing about The Quest enhanced the experience and allowed the opportunity to get to know Tiff even more. Win-Win.
I adore her writing, particularly her work-place and family adventures. Not to mention the word porn. Fascinating rhythms.
Tiff's sharing of her talents to help me celebrate my big day fills my ♥ with much joy. I ;hearts; her for that.
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  1. We need to fix the issue of never having met, you know. :)

  2. That pop-up page was a great surprise. Very cool.

  3. Yes, tiff. I do know. :-)

    Very cool indeed.


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