Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uhm, To Do?

My driver's license expired on my birthday. I have not yet gone to the department of motor vehicles to pay the bucks, take the test, pose for the picture, to renew my license.

I'm procrastinating.

Though, not really. I haven't decided I want a license (again). I mean, I suppose I do, but I haven't yet committed to that decision. Conventional wisdom screams, "get the license, better to have it than not."


for some reason I'm not sold, yet.

Still, either the license or the the state issued ID (the one I have expired in 2007) I need some form of valid identification.

Otherwise, I don't exist.

Steeling myself for a trip to the DMV sometime in the very near future.


  1. Think of having to retest in the future because you let it lapse too said as she contemplates not renewing the hair license...)

  2. I can't imagine NOT having a DL even being a choice. Interesting.

    Oh, and Maxine is right. You don't want to have to study for that crap again.

  3. And don't forget, after waiting in a nice long line you get to pay them money!!

  4. And...someday you might want to visit Graceland again.

  5. @ maxine: yeah, i'm leaning in that direction. buuut . . . .

    @ syd: i know. a few years ago it wouldn't have been a second thought. but, well, twists and turns of life changes thought waves. heh. but yeah, better now (iffin i'm gonna) than too much later

    @ tiff: yeah, certainly in my "con" column. ;)

    @ eb: well, uhm, yeah. maybe. (with the proper company). :-)
    and if not graceland, then certainly {road trips} generally speaking, are still on the horizon.

    so yeah, leaning. . .

  6. Uh Deborah??
    Go Get The Damn License Immediately!!!!!!!
    Do you want to ever get on anther plane?
    DO IT.


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