Thursday, August 05, 2010

cuente a cincuenta*

My dear friend Maxine , the queen of zen, color, crafting with knitting needles and more, and well, flavor in every sense of the word, is quite simply, divine.

She and the lovely (or rather, dear sweet) elizabeth were the first (and second) bloggers I met face-to-face. I took a drive to blues and "Heartbreak Hotel" land and hung for a couple of days. Sadly, there was no treks to yarn outlets. But, I'm hoping subsequent get-togethers will afford that opportunity. Yarn adventures or no, I do get to enjoy my knitted by maxine bounty.

I ♥ qm's art. I ♥ the queen.

*count to fifty journal madness (2)


  1. I adore her entry to your journal. Totally inspired.

    Yes, Memphis, and careening off the freeway to get to Graceland.

    Good times.

  2. !#@$)!#&$(% $*^#($@!Graceland...

    Heart you back x infinity...

  3. Oh, my word. Incredible.

  4. LOL.. I know Max (re: Memphis).

    ::blush:: and ::swooon::


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