Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Can you feel it? Taste it? Smell it? See it? There, in the sun, shining high in the sky. The air, thin and crisp, crackles with knowing. Autumn is upon us.

Well, not for another seven-teen days yet, officially. But like Memorial Day marks the un-official beginning of summer, Labor Day marks the end. And where, pray tell, did the care-free, fun-in-the-sun, lazy hazy days of summer go?

Who knows? But gone they are. It is back-to-school, back to...what? Unless you are a student, parent of a student, teacher or in the biz in some other capacity, does the onset of the season mark any changes in routine or attitude? This is the first back-to-school season in a number that no one in our household is returning to school. And though it has been several years since I was directly involved in the frenzied shopping for clothes, supplies, lunch bag treats and the like, there was still a buzz in the air. I bought myself a new notebook just to get a taste.

YM, reflecting on the first day of classes, talked about how freeing it is to be done with all that. The hustle and bustle of getting schedules, last minute changes, fending off the new crop of freshmen and all of the over the summer gossip. He is enjoying his life beyond school. Being a full-time wage earner and pursuer of the next role is filling his plate quite nicely these days. He is still on the move out of mom's place track, growing giddier about the prospect as the day grows nearer. Many of his conversations start,"When I move into my place..."

Autumn is more than back-to-school though.

Even sans, the buzz, I like autumn. Here in the Chicago area, the season, if you could call it such, is too short. The air turns from crisp to frigid in what seems like minutes instead of weeks. I like autumn. Even if the merchandisers flip the back-to-school sale signs over to reveal the holiday shopping countdown sale signs before the first bus rolls out. I like autumn. In spite of spending a huge chunk of my time in the concrete, steel and mortar environs of the city proper and can't really enjoy the true miracle that is autumn, I like the season.

Why you may ask. Well, I'll tell. Because, a few weeks into the official beginning of the season, YL celebrates a birthday, and in these parts, that's a hold all my calls, stop-the-presses event.

This year, this autumn, YL turns twenty-one.

YL has decided to let me take her to Vegas to celebrate. Nice of her, huh?

There is shopping to complete. Hair, nails and all sorts of preparations pending. Some deets will follow in the days, weeks to come, but, in the meantime, can you feel it? Taste it? Smell it? See it?

I can.


  1. I can taste it too. Autumn is the precursor to my favorite of all seasons.

    Vegas. What a fabulous way to celebrate your daughter's 21st. I'm just a little bit envious.

    Well okay. Not a little. A lot!

  2. DRAT!!! I'm not ready. I want more summer. I'm devastated it's over. I have to get a grip here.

  3. Unfortunately, I do not typically enjoy the fall as much as you do. But your blog gave me such a refreshing sense of excitement. Will you please continue to remind me of the virtues of autumn so I can learn to enjoy it as much as you do?

  4. It would be my pleasure, Amaya.

    angel feathers..thanks for
    stopping by.

    kmae-yeah, I know how you feel about summer--but all may not be lost, yet...

    wordsrock-It was daughter's idea (as she is on a mission to separate me from my loot-such as it is) but I came aboard pretty quickly...I'm tingling.

  5. Spring and Autumn used to be my favorite seasons, but then I moved to Florida where all the seasons pretty much blend. I'm looking forward to a real autumn.

    Vegas is a great spot to celebrate.


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