Thursday, September 28, 2006

W (2)

Yesterday was Wednesday. I know because 1) I have no fewer than five calendars between my home and work offices and 2) I worked the PTG (part-time gig) yesterday. I work the part-time gig on Mondays and Wednesdays-I’m too tired for yesterday to have been Monday, so it must have been Wednesday.

Yesterday, Wednesday and for many Wednesdays prior, I walked to the PTG. The route takes me past the Chicago Chocolate Company Café . I’ve spoken of feeling smug good about not succumbing to the temptation to step inside for a taste.

Five weeks ago, the CCCC began advertising White Chocolate Wednesday, offering 15% off White Chocolate. This advertisement is in the form of a chalkboard sandwich sign. For the past four weeks, the sign has been worth notice.

Week 1: It’s White Chocolate Wenesday 15% off White Chocolate
Week 2: White Chocolate Wensday 15% off White Chocolate
Week 3: Come in for White Chocolate Wenisday 15% off White Chocolate
Week 4: Wennsday is White Chocolate day-come in for 15% off White Chocolate

The temptation to enter the Chicago Chocolate Company Café is even greater-not to taste-but to tell whomever is responsible for the chalkboard sandwich sign that Wednesday is spelled:


  1. OMG, that would drive me insane! Of course I'd already be insane for passing up the white chocolate, that's my downfall.

  2. I fear I'd be compelled to go inside and speak to someone about that misspelled sign. Either that or carry some chalk and correct it myself!

    No way would I be resisting 15% off white chocolate. Not even on Wennsday.

  3. The white chocolate doesn't tempt me -but illiterate chocolate makers? I'd have to say something.

  4. LMAO! That would drive me bat shit. I'm almost certain I would have gone in and informed them of the correct spelling.

    Kudos to you for having the strength of will to resist the temptation. :)

  5. Maybe it's a marketing technique....... How many customers step in to tell them how to spell Wednesday.

  6. I think I might try to barter a spelling lesson for a generous sample.

  7. Um, being a heterosexual male, I'd avoid "Wenisday" like the plague. Gives a whole knew ick dimension to white chocolate.

  8. It's got to be a ploy! Nobody could be that daft, surely!
    (Unless there is something dodgy in the white chocolate, which is dumbing-down the staff.)



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