Friday, September 15, 2006

Every Day

I talk to my mom often. Every day in fact. I didn't always, but I do, now.

Our conversations usually sound something like this:

Mom: Hi
Me: Hi
Mom: How are you?
Me: Good, and you?
Mom: ((heavy sigh)) I guess I'm ok.
Me: What's wrong?

I then get the laundry list of whatever crossed her path that day-or the day before, as she often repeats. This list covers, illnesses, anxieties, brothers, church members, family members, my kids, doctors, doctors and more doctors.

When she is feeling well, she can be quite funny. She, the queen of family gossip, is always quick to give me her take on the latest drama. "She need to get those babies off her chest and get on outside and say to hell with that cheatin' son-of-a-gun." Mom suggests my cousin, (cheatin son-of-a-gun's mom), tell the wife-who had asked the MIL for intervention.

When she's not feeling well, which unfortunately is often, these days, she can be quite, vexing.

"I don't know, I don't think I'm going to see another year. I don't think I want to."

In either case, happy or sad, feeling good or no-I do what I can, to give her what she needs.

I talk to my mom every day. Sometimes, twice. That's the easy part.


  1. My parents have moved from 9 hours away to 20 minutes away, and now my dad calls me every day. Three or four times a day. It's very funny 'cause I'm usually working and everyone's head snaps around when I say, "I love you too......Daddy".

  2. Im sorry, difficult mothers are tough. The martyr thing sucks.

  3. I talk to my mom and dad once a week on Sunday morning at ten o'clock. They call me and if I don't receive the call I worry something may be wrong. Then I call them and they either say the 'forot' (what?!) or they were taking a walk-

    Like good healty parents, they let me go off and be my own person a long time ago. I'm the youngest so that was difficult for them- and for me. I'm sorry your mom is challenging.

  4. I talked to my parents on the phone every day, sometimes multiple times a day when they were still alive. In his later years my dad would say the same thing about seeing another year. It's very frustrating at best. Hang in there...

  5. maggie: Thanks for visiting. "I love you too...Daddy." very sweet.

    kmae: I appreciate your thoughts.

    rd: Thank you for stopping by. It's fabulous that your parents could give you your wings. My mom has tried, but...

    sassy: This seeing another year, just started recently. Some new therapies are starting soon, so I'm hoping...and hanging...

  6. My mother just told me this morning that I should stop calling so much. She equates me calling with me being worried about her. She's right. :(

    I admire your patience. She's lucky to have a daughter like you.

  7. I hope your mom knows how lucky she is to have you.


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