Thursday, September 14, 2006

my and self

Psst. Hi, I'm My. I'm Self. We're talking for Deborah today.
My: She's taking a break. She's plumb tuckered out from, well, I don't know from what, but she's pooped.

Self: Will you stop?

My: I'm just trying to convey...



Self: I know she told you guys she is a lesbian.

My: Yeah, I don't know what that's all...

Self: Stop. We said we were going to be positive.

My: No, you said we were going to be positive. I'm skeptical.

Self: Why?

My: Just yesterday she was hit on by a guy.

Self: She was not. What guy?

My: That guy who wanted to suck her toes.

Self: He wasn't hitting on her, he was just a weirdo, trying to hustle some change.

My: She said he was good looking.

Self: She did not.

My: Yes she did, she said he was dapper.

Self: That just means his clothes were wrinkled, probably.

My: Still, though. She likes guys.

Self: She likes some guys, but not like that.

My: Whatever. Does she even know how to be a lesbian?

Self: What the heck do you mean, how?

My: Well, does anybody know she's a lesbian, does she have a bumper sticker?

Self: She doesn't even have a car.

My: She could put it on her briefcase.

Self: Would you get serious?

My: So, what has she done?

Self: She tried to join that online local lesbian community thingamajig.

My: Look how that turned out.

Self: Se can and will do other stuff. She's doing this bloggy thing.

My: So? It's just writing. How does that help?

Self: It helps clear her head, get some perspective. People comment, give her feedback, sometimes even advice.

My: What kind of people?

Self: Nice people, mostly lesbians. Nice ladies and maybe even some gents too.

My: Single lesbians?

Self: Uhm, I don't know. I guess, some. Mostly though I think she reads and comments to and gets comments from coupled / married lesbians.

My: Doesn't that make her sad?

Self: No, on the contrary. She seems very happy. Happy for their happiness. I think it makes her hop...shh.

My: What?

Self: She's coming.

My / Self: wegottagodon'ttellherwewerehere, OK? Bye!

I talked with YM and YL about taking a family portrait this year. With YM's career and moving aspirations, who knows what next year will bring. This has been such a big year for each of us, big changes. I would love for us to have some kind of commemoration. Trying to coordinate everybody's schedule, though, is going to be tough.

to be continued.


  1. Cute, my and self. :)

    Family portraits are fab-u-lous! We did one years ago and is one of our most treasured things.

  2. It has been a big year for y'all.

    Keep the faith.
    And take that picture. :)

  3. I think I'm going to enjoy getting to know you.

  4. ah, welll...

    I do think men were easier... You get them up, you get them off.

    Women are each different & mysterious, & take time to learn & love... But are definately worth the effort! And anyway, it's all so much more than just being sexual.

    Not that you were saying it wasn't.

    And besides, women can suck toes too, I mean if that's what ya want?! haha.

  5. ...does she have a bumpersticker


  6. Great post, Deborah. Personally, I can't wait until some woman knocks your socks off!

  7. Very creative!

    Btw, you don't have to label yourself. :)

  8. Very cute and funny. Have a wonderful time with the changes.


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