Friday, September 29, 2006


I love Boston Ferns because they are wild and unruly looking. When full and healthy, they have attitude. They practically growl. I’ve owned a few over the years, but haven’t had very much luck. They are very difficult to care for. Unlike, pothos, of which I have many, Boston Ferns require dedication, time and the right conditions. The dedication I have, the time is in short supply, Further, I don’t believe conditions in my unit would be conducive to flourishing a fern.

A wholesale florist in the building where my office is located, has an overstock of Boston Ferns. They are selling them off at $5.00 a pop. I’ve been volleying the notion back and forth-for a week now. The pickings are getting slim-which is perhaps what I want. Again, I don’t believe the conditions in my condo are right for a fern, I believe this yet, $5.00 a pop.

I’m reminded of my ex-husband, who came home often with articles of clothing that were too big, too small or just wrong and I’d ask, why? He would just shrug and say, because it was only $5.00.
A bargain isn’t a bargain if no one can use it-or if you know you will ultimately have to mulch it sooner, rather than later.


  1. Anonymous5:15 AM

    When I first met the lady that I have now been married to for just over 12 years, the first thing she said upon entering my apartment was that it needed a plant.

    I bought a Wandering Jew that same week, and kept it alive for over two years. I still had that plant when we got married.

    It cost less than $5.00

    What does this all mean? Less than nothing, really. I'm just talkin'


  2. I have one of those dying in my house right now!

  3. Unfortunately, I can't pass an herb plant on sale. I have a ton of them all over the house and office!

  4. I've never been able to kill a fern. A little sunlight, occasional water sprays, and dousings with my coffee dregs seem to be the key. ;-)

  5. Boston ferns are easy. Tierra del Fuego ferns, those are hard.

    Pothos is unkillable. I believe they will take over the world, once they figure out the find-your-own-water thing.

    Dibs on that story! It's Mine! With an acknowledgment to you, of course.

  6. I could probably pass up a "bargain" fern, but offer me an orchid for a bargain, and it would come home with me.

  7. I've killed one of those before. It wasn't hard.

  8. On rainy days-- ok most days, I have hair like a Boston Fern (hehe)!

    I know someone who has had the same Boston Fern for about 12 years. She keeps it in her bathroom and doesn't touch it if she doesn't have to! She says it hates to be mithered. It just gets misted once in a while and it seems to love the steam.



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