Monday, December 06, 2010

Nearly Winter Weekend

We had snow overnight Friday to Saturday. By the afternoon most of the major streets were clear. Many of the sidewalks were still fairly treacherous.
I cleared our walk before I went on my excursion around town, but as it was still snowing I had to clear again before the day was done.

As I understand it, hot dog man dances. However, when I saw him he was just waving his arms, point toward the "dog" stand he was out there to promote.

Some trees drooping under the weight.

Can you find the ornaments in this tree?
It looks like we got about three inches of snow. The larger story though is the cold. Temps dipped down to 10 / 11 (maybe lower) degrees at some point. I don't think it has gotten out of the twenties over the past couple of days. I'm not really interested in the details because really, when it is this cold it matters not, 25, 20, or 15. Well, that is until it is below zero. And here's hoping those days are quite a ways away.


  1. Is this your neighborhood??

  2. It's very pretty!!! didnt mean to publish my comment so soon...


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