Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Six Hundred and Ninety Eighty-One (Sheesh)

'Tis the post where I admit, I sat on the cat. He wasn't wearing a hat, which is perhaps how I missed he was in the chair upon which I sat.

That, and it is still frickin cold, but that isn't worthy of poetry or prose. 'Tis December. Chicago. 'Nuff said.

In other news, some reviews were released for M's most recent play. He doesn't read them but can't totally escape them. I might not have sought them out except I was very curious given all he'd relayed during pre-production. It's been UP now for over a week (when you factor in previews) and I saw the third of three "preview" performances. And of the few reviews I've found and read, I agree to some degree. And all bias aside, I agree that M's performance is "intense"*, "wound tight perfection"* and "expertly volatile"*.

The run is just through the end of the year (well, actually January 2nd) and I'm hoping for another opportunity to see it. It really is a good play.

*Didn't link to the reviews as I think they give too much of the plot away and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone who might be in the position to see if--presuming, of course, you're not already familiar with the play, "Lobby Hero".


  1. Sweet. I can imagine reviews can be maddening. Everyone has an opinion. But it must feel awfully good for someone to use the words 'wound tight perfection'.

  2. I can't remember which actor said something like: I agree with the good reviews and ignore the bad ones.

  3. I'm sure he's great!!!!
    You must be proud.

  4. thEbalzie, yes. and yes. :-)

    e: exactly why my young actor doesn't read them (at least not until the end of the run) because once read, can't be forgotten. Which may not be all that conducive to continued performances. At least, for him.

    kmae: I must. I am. :-)


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