Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nine To Five

On this date four years ago, I wrote
about momentous events and among them, my 27th anniversary with 'the company' and now here I am trumpeting number thirty-one.
A lifetime. I've been with the company longer than I was married. Longer than I've been a parent. My longest running relationship.
Not sure how that sits with me today. Sure, I'm happy (thrilled, in this climate) to be gainfully employed and overjoyed to have provided for my son, daughter, and to some degree, my mother over the years. Maintaining is as vital as it ever was. I am grateful to be minus the job search stress, unemployment benefits stress, and threats to hearth and home stress.
The work I do is interesting, challenging, and sometimes even fun. The people I work with are interesting, challenging, and some of them, even fun. As much as I might sigh, I like it. Sometimes, even more than that.
Still, I've begun to feel anxious, restless . . . something, less. It could have as much to do with the company's struggles during the economic downturn and how that has impacted the day-to-day as my own feeling like I'm missing something angst.
Ahhh, I don't know. Could be it is too cold right now. Could be I have a headache right now. Hell, could be I inhaled too many permanent marker fumes today.
What I do know is that part of what was true then, remains true today, a plan, marvel of fluid necessity, continues to drive me . . . " The difference is the plan is expanding beyond the confines of the work and the company.
Or, it should.


  1. I've been at my job for 12 years and while I feel the tug of wanting to work somewhere else, the familiarity makes doing other things outside work easier. It's a bit of a double edged sword but also the law of diminishing returns due to the wacky aging process doesn't make job searching particularly attractive.

    But hey, there's something out there. Now's the time to try to find it.

  2. That is an incredibly remarkable achievement in this day and age. A big pat on the back from me, to you.

  3. YAY!!
    Hang in there @ ye ole' job...
    There is a LOT to be said about seniority!
    At least usually it counts for something...

  4. I'm feeling it too. I've been here 16 years, almost 17 and I am restless. But, the thought of looking for, applying for, interviewing for and starting a new job keeps me here.

  5. thEbalzie: I don't. Perhaps, I'll get my "fix" by rearranging the office furniture. For now.

    Jennifer: Thanks.

    Kmae: Yep, I think there is, usually. :-)

    E: Ah yes.


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