Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Week That Was

This week that is nearly done has been in a word, odd. I'm not quite sure I can adequately encapsulate the oddity that was this week nearly done but I can say that I believe the oddness began with a book club meeting last Saturday where the one (other) participant who came to the meet failed to finish the book. Me? Oh, I was only up until 3 in the morning finishing and making my notes for the over-due library book.

Onward to the rain and being out in it much of the rest of Saturday led to not getting the tree and other decorations out of storage as I meant to do. After waffling back and forth about whether or not to have the tree (and other decorations) I finally decided, yes, I would, only now to be down to . . . well, Saturday at the earliest the chosen square of space can be bedecked. One week. Well, actually two as it will be up at least until NYD. Well, that is, if happens at all.

I am of the opinion that the largest contributing factor to the oddness of this week however, is the missing CTA CSA. The CSA normally manning the station where I begin my daily commute to work is sugary sweet cheerful in the mornings with her, "Good Morning, Precious!" to each and every customer / passenger. I will admit, some mornings sing-song chirpiness bordered on annoyance, I realized this week not only did I miss the routine, chirpy and all, I'd also come to rely on it lifting me ever so . . .

This week nearly done has one more work day that will be sliced in half by our annual holiday, "whatever the hell you wanna call it" get-together. It is a pot-(you might get lucky and get something you like or can eat) gathering. This will be the first gathering of the trio of companies. It shall be in a word, interesting if not, odd.


  1. Some times it's good when the week ends. Hope the next one is less odd.

  2. Ernie is the door man at my office. He works 3-midnight, so I only see him when I leave but this guy knows EVERYONE'S name and has something nice to say to all of us. I usually have a book with me and he wants to know how I am enjoying it.

    I love Ernie but I sometimes am in a hurry and get weary of his cheeriness. Until he had an attack of sciatica and was gone for two weeks. I missed him so much!

  3. So, how was it? :)


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