Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lez Get Serious

Don't know if Jessica and Jennifer are a new couple, an old couple, or and unrequited couple but it made me smile to receive this declaration on my dollar bill change. I hope they are happy, forever and ever and ever.
And in keeping with the theme, my daughter noticed I brought home a parcel today and in her usual inquisitive fashion (especially around the 'daze) she asks, "what's in the box?" I say simply, "just something I ordered. It isn't for you." To which she replies, "oh, I bet it's some super dyke Underoos!"
She mused aloud about what (or who?) said character would look like?
She then struck a pose to illustrate the awesomeness of "super heroine dyke" which I cannot even possibly describe.
Needless to say it made me more than smile, it made me spiggle.


  1. dyke underoos! too cute!
    and Jessica & Jennifer? well, we can all hope!!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I love getting money with messages on it like that!

  3. Where does one purchase super dyke underoos? We are seriously lacking in them round here!


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