Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oooooo Origami*

My photos don't give them their full due, but the lovely, ornamental origami animal menagerie was the greatest surprise. They came with the journal, packaged separately, as if they might have a mind on escaping. I have it on good authority that they nearly didn't make it in the package. They created such a stir that one of the journal mistresses admitted to wanting them for her very own. I can certainly understand the impetus. I'm glad she resisted.

artist who crafted the lovely, bejeweled creatures is married to a blogging fave. She, of the helpful and timely tips. We have known of one another since the beginning of my blogging days and beyond blogs participated in a shared project or two. It has been great, grand fun

getting to know them both. I don't have a permanent home for the folded

paper zoo (yet). But the fanciful creatures are hanging where I can see them and their message, the warm, caring, friendly gesture of a great artistic talent, and grand dame. Yes, I ♥ the bejeweled zoo and I ♥ the creator.
thank you.

*journal madness (7)


  1. Really Neat-o!
    And cute!

  2. That Prunella, she's a crafty one. I enjoyed the journal madness.

    I forgot to tell you that the wood piece on the front of the book is a post card I found on a trip to NYC circa 2001. It's one of two and I had them sitting on the window sill over the sink.

    It's a 'truism' by artist Jenny Holzer who projects such axioms and phrases on buildings and such.

    The other one says, "Protect me from what I want." I thought I should hold on to that one.

  3. @ eb: indeed, re: Prunella! Love the gem about the cover. :-)


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