Monday, December 27, 2010

What The Hell IS Snicker™ Salad?

Of the definitions I found for salad this one fills the bill, a usually incongruous mixture: hodgepodge for Snicker™ Salad, most. When I first heard mention of the concoction in question I had a similar reaction, WTH?

But yes, there is such a thing as Snicker ™ Salad and from my recent (and very brief) research this salad would be of the dessert variety, of course. Also, from my research there are a number of variations most including some combination of vanilla pudding, apples, grapes, Cool Whip&0153; and Snicker&0153; bars broken into bite size pieces.

Some folks nix the Cool Whip&0153: and some, the pudding but the basic premis is the same. What the hell is a Snicker™ Salad? It is basically a fruit salad with a pudding-(like) base, and a Snicker™ kicker and is quite simply, divine.

I shall resist making my own batch for as long as I possibly can, which probably won't be very long at all.


  1. Thanks for clearing that mystery up, lol!!

  2. I'd say leave out the grapes. Oh, and never use that fake whipped cream, use the real stuff. Other than that it sounds perfect!

  3. Z, you're quite welcome.

    e, I kinda like the grapes. I think this salad would be quite adaptable to personal tastes and preferences. I will likely try "the real stuff" or leave off the cream altogether. I think the pudding is rich enough -for my taste.

  4. Great pic of buttah!
    Doris made a great banana pudding pie with vanilla wafers. I couldn't resist, so then I had more & more.
    I would not touch a snicker salad, I would totally loose myself & set out on a chocolate binge.
    God knows how long t would take to get myself back in check... :0


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