Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok. I don't need an anvil dropped on my head. I get it. Several days, a purse pack and roll from home later, it obvious the building management will not be supplying personal paper products to the ladies rest room anytime soon. Previously lacking BigRolls or any of the kissing cousins, the room is now also devoid of bountiful towels. There are some options open to me, the purse pack, I've exhausted. Some others uncovered by Wendy, though intriguing, are simply unacceptable.

I find it necessary then, to add to the current list of home at the office provisions of foodstuffs like oats, skim milk, cottage cheese, fruit, tuna crackers and coffee, other necessities, like vitamins, pain relievers, aunty flo accessories and utensils..


The office is becoming too much like home. How many more days until the next vacation?

By the way have you ever been to a toilet paper museum? It's not the M C A but give it a whirl.


  1. I think you should add babywipes to that too hun, thats what we used to keep our arse's fresh and clean ;-)

    Kisses XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

    O and I cant believe theres a toilet paper museum, I bet its a load of shite ;-)


  2. Glad to see you're being Earth friendly at the office.

  3. Good on ya taking things into your own hands hon!!! The worst is the aunty flo supplies....I work in an office with one woman who has not needed those in over 10 years and 1 man...and we share a I ask you......where are you supposed to discretly hide those things????

  4. I cannot BELIEVE the effort they put into the virtual toilet paper museum.

    How much spare time do you have to have to put that together?

  5. We have a bountiful supply of toilet paper at work, of course it takes a karate chop to break off piece.

  6. Ya know, I can say without a doubt that I would pass on RECYCLED toilet paper! The three words just shouldn't go together!!

  7. Actually, back when I used to do drugs, I would be amazed at ALL the different toilet paper roll covers that were in all the hotel/motels we stayed at.
    Some of them were quite artistic. haha.

  8. Wait a minute, am I misreading it, or do you keep all that food stuff and the vitamins at work???

  9. MH: baby wipes? hmm. (lol re: shite)

    elizabeth: Well, I like to part.

    boo7: I use a pouch.

    this girl: how much spare time? reams, I think.

    cj: lol..but, better than none,heh?

    maggie: aw, taint so bad.

    kmae: pretty awesome, isn't it?

    sassy: yes, I bring a weeks (or more) supply to keep from hauling stuffs daily on the bus.

  10. Do you take up a collection, or are you supplying everyone's paper needs?

  11. sober: No, I'm the only one affected. My office mates are all male and their needs are being met-I presume.

  12. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Don't laugh at me, but I honestly laughed out loud at you first comment regarding an anvil being dropped on your head!

    I immediately had visions of the Coyote and Roadrunner.

    Sad, I know.


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